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How to Choose the Right Ski Size (+ Ski Size Chart)

If you’re new to skiing, you’re probably wondering how to choose the right ski size. This can be really confusing for the beginners.. Many factors play a role in determining the ski length.

It’s super important to understand that all the information we give you in this blog is more “general support” rather than professional advice. Why? Because you’re the only person who knows your own skills and preferences the best. In case of uncertainty, we recommend consulting a specialist.

So, let’s go immediately into the factors you should consider to choose your ski size correctly.


How to choose the right ski size?

The best way to find out which ski is right for you is to consider your height, ability level, and the type of terrain that will be covered most often with it.

Types of skiing

The correct size can depend greatly upon what kind or racecourse you’re going into:

  • Slalom/Slalom Race – where speed matters the most
  • Allmountain – where balance & control matter more than anything else
  • Allrounder – where it matters the most not to lose dynamism or control over your machine

Your height matters

The important thing is to find a ski that fits you. The length should be determined by your height because if the ski’s too long it will be hard to control and steer properly, while if it’s too short it will be unstable at higher speeds.

This in-depth ski size chart should, in most cases, help you determine the right length. Further in the article, we’ll explain in which cases it might be wise to size up or size down your skis.

Ski Size Chart

Skier Height (ft)Skier Height (cm)Suggested Ski Lengths (cm)
4’4″132 115-130

You can choose the right ski size by your ability level

Ski size is not as simple as you would think. There are factors such as height, weight, and ability level to consider when it comes to ski sizing.


First, let’s start with getting the kids (or beginner adults) sized up:

  • For children, you should look for skis that will be easy for them to control and balance on.
  • Make sure that the skis are long enough or your child will not be able to hold their balance.
  • When kids start out, look at buying a set of skis instead of just one for a cheaper price.
  • There are skis made specifically for young children with grip soles so they don’t slip as easily. The grip-sole is usually a rubber sole that sticks to the base of the ski.
  • Get kids boots with adjustable buckles, so you can tighten and loosen them as their feet grow.


Next, let’s talk about intermediate skiers:

  • Intermediate skiers need a ski that they can use in the park and on the slopes.
  • Their weight is enough to create power and balance, so they don’t need something too unstable.
  • Sizing them up is important for transitional skiers because bad sizing could result in injury or poor performance.


And finally, advanced skiers:

  • Advanced skiers need lightweight, nimble skis that will hold up on the mountain.
  • If you are skiing the park or freestyle terrain then look for a mid-fat ski to have better balance and more control.
  • It is common knowledge that advanced skiers are harder on their equipment so pick durable construction.

Sizing up and down your skis (advanced tactics to choose the right ski)

Although a ski size chart can provide you with all the answers you might need, there are still some reasons to size up or size down your skis. Let’s take a look.

Reasons to size shorter

  • You’re a novice or intermediate skier.
  • You are lighter than the average person of your height.
  • You prefer to make quick, little turns and seldom ski at breakneck speeds.
  • You’re looking for a ski with only camber, no rocker.

Reasons to size longer

  • You’re skiing at a rapid pace and aggressively.
  • You weigh more than the typical person for your height.
  • You intend to ski off the beaten path most of the time.
  • You’ve decided to ski twin-tip skis.
  • You’re looking for a ski with a lot of rockers.

Each ski needs a particular size to work perfectly. The right ski for you is out there so don’t settle for anything less than perfect.

Good luck!

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