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Swiss Massiv Allrounder Ski

Looking for a ski with an edge grip within a versatile design? Then the Swiss Massiv Allrounder Ski is precisely the perfect fit for you! Choose your tailor-made ski, step by step!

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Product Details

Weight 3.500 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

Black Engraved, Elm Engraved, Elm Engraved with Tip Protection, Elm Foil, Elm Foil with Tip Protection, Entlebucher Yew

Skiing Skills

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert

Size Lenght Radius cm/inches

149-10.4 cm/58.66.-4.09inches, 156-11.6 cm/61.41-4.56inches, 163-12.8 cm/64.17-5.03inches, 170-14 cm/66.92-5.51inches, 177-15.3cm/69.68-5.91inches

Body weight kg/pounds

40-50 kg/ 88-110 lbs, 50-60 kg/ 110-132 lbs, 60-70 kg/132-154 lbs, 70-80 kg/154-176 lbs, 80-90 kg/176-198 lbs, 90-100 kg/198-220 lbs, over 100 kg/over 220 lbs


Yes, 3 weeks production time, No, 5 week production time


Swiss Massiv Allrounder Ski

The solid wood core of the Swiss Massiv Allrounder Ski has a perfect addition – aluminum layers of sandwich construction and trapeze-shaped bamboo sidewalls. The combination assures consistent stability that will not let go when it matters most – on those steep slopes! It makes sharp turns much easier to accomplish because less effort is needed! Your movements will command onto any slope, which means you can achieve anything without losing dynamism or control over your machine.

Skies that we recommend for this kind of skiing are:

  • Entlebucher Yew
  • Elm:
  • Engraved
  • Engraved with Tip Protection
  • Black Engraved
  • Foil
  • Foil with Tip Protection


For any Allrounder Ski you choose, you can pick the suitable size and the binding you’d like to have. Every ski is designed considering the skier’s body weight and driving style. For in-depth information about how to choose the right ski size, click here.

What makes Swiss Massiv skis so unique?

There are three primary elements used in the development of Swiss Massiv skis:

  • Ecology
  • Sustainability
  • Functionality

You might wonder how the creator managed to create skis that are both technically and visually striking. The secret is in locally sourced Swiss wood incorporated with bamboo, using uniquely created construction techniques.

A pair of Swiss Massiv skis consists of 30 individual parts. To build them properly, the owner created a process of almost 50 work steps which take about nine hours of labor. So, with all the waiting periods for drying, a pair of skis takes about three weeks to produce.

Since Swiss Massiv skis are hand-made, each ski is a one-of-a-kind product. Plus, the limited production – with each pair having an individual number – expresses the brand’s unique identity even more. Every pair of skis has its unique serial number engraved in stainless steel at the back.

Not to mention the fact that the owner, René Unternährer, creates these skis in the very heart of Switzerland. Swiss Massiv skis are the outcome of his passion and quest for precision crafting of this highly complex product. That’s why he was able to create such a ski that performs with a supremely comfortable glide.

This is how the owner himself described the start of the creation process:

I don’t simply buy wood to make my skis. I buy a tree because the character of the skis starts with a tree.

Before making your final decision, don’t forget to check out other types of skis and additional equipment!

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