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Xyloba – The Marble Run That Makes Music

Provide your children with access to the world of melodies and rhythms with Xyloba – the marble run that makes music!

With Xyloba, it‘s possible to integrate sound modules, like the ones found in a xylophone, into a marble run – there are 20 tones available, allowing you to recreate well-known songs and even compose your own beautiful melodies. It‘s one of a kind!

Xyloba combines the world of construction and the world of music. Children plan, construct and in doing so get a feel for music, familiarising themselves with concepts such as notes, time, and rhythm.

How it works

The Xyloba is constructed from the base, i.e. from the point where the tune ends. Short ramps produce quarter notes and connect two adjacent towers. Long ramps generate half notes and run through an adjacent tower to the next tower. Furthermore, each ramp starts from and ends in a sound block where the chime is inserted.


Get to know the Xyloba modular system in its three progressively more comprehensive models:

  • Xyloba piccolino,
  • mezzo,
  • and orchestra.

With Xyloba piccolino, you can build marble runs that are different every time. Moreover, using 4 interchangeable sound modules you can produce simple melodies – 26 pieces.

Furhtermore, with Xyloba mezzo, you can create a great variety of melodic marble runs, using 8 interchangeable sound modules to produce complex melodies – 40 parts.

Finally, Xyloba orchestra is ideally suited for kindergartens and nursery schools. The large number of building components encourage the children to participate. You can create a great variety of marble runs, using the 16 interchangeable sound modules to produce complex melodies – 96 parts.

It’s suitable for children above the age of 5. However, under the supervision of their parents, children above the age of 3 can already start constructing musical runs with the piccolino and mezzo basic kits.

Extensions for Xyloba Kits

Extensions for Xyloba Kits make it easy to upgrade your marble run! Choose between two upgrades – piccolino to a mezzo kit, and mezzo to orchestra!


Xyloba Assorted Melody Kits

If you really want to have it all, make sure to get Xyloba Assorted Melody Kits! Choose between three different kits – Happy Birthday, Kindergarten, and Lullabies! No matter which one you choose, we’re sure your kid will love it!

Happy Birthday kit includes 37 parts and you can play the first lines of this song.

Kindergarten kit includes 56 pieces and you can play the first lines from 4 familiar Kindergarten songs:

  • Meine Hände sind verschwunden;
  • Wie schön, dass du geboren bist;
  • Wenn du fröhlich bist;
  • Häschen in der Grube.

Lullabies kit includes 104 parts and the first line from:

  • Arrorró mi niño;
  • Au clair de la lune;
  • Guten Abend gut Nacht;
  • Hush little Baby;
  • La Le Lu;
  • Ninna Nanna;
  • O wie wohl ist mir am Abend,
  • Schlaf Kindlein, schlaf;
  • Twinkle, twinkle little star.

Xyloba Junior

But, that’s not all! For the youngest, we present you with Xyloba Junior, the little sister of the legendary musical marble run Xyloba. The marble track Xyloba Junior combines the fun of play for the littlest of children with a playful approach to the world of music. For their safety, they only use extra-large marbles, which cannot be accidentally swallowed.

With its universal components, it enables you to build an endless number of variants for different marble tracks. Fun with learning as a side effect is guaranteed! The large, colorful marbles roll majestically over the marble tracks. Combined with the sound bricks, they produce real notes.


Choose between three different sizes: mini, midi, or maxi!

Xyloba Mini includes 17 pieces:

  • 3x Marble Run Long
  • 2x Marble Run Short
  • 1x Starting Brick
  • 9x Structure Bricks
  • 2 Wooden Balls

Xyloba Midi includes 21 pieces:

  • 3x Marble Run Long
  • 2x Marble Run Short
  • 1x Starting Brick
  • 2x Sound Bricks
  • 9x Structure Bricks
  • 4 Wooden Balls

Xyloba Maxi includes 25 pieces:

  • 3x Marble Run Long
  • 3x Marble Run Short
  • 1x Starting Brick
  • 4x Sound Brick
  • 10x Structure Bricks
  • 4 Wooden Balls

Xyloba is a really unique product and a fantastic gift idea! How to get it? You can order this fantastic any time in our store! We’ll deliver it right to your doorstep!

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