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10 Swiss Easter Chocolates that Will Please All Your Senses

Indulge in the joy of Easter with the best Swiss Easter chocolates that will please all your senses! For people worldwide, Easter is a time to cherish moments with their closest family members and loved ones. While customs and traditions vary across the globe, some things unite us all. Conversation, camaraderie, and of course, delicious food and beverages. Alongside the traditional Easter meal, a stash of high-quality chocolate is always a hit, especially with kids. And when it comes to the finest chocolate in the world, Swiss takes the crown. That’s why we’re excited to share our recommendations for the most exquisite Swiss Easter chocolates that promise to delight your every sense.

Our goal was to gather in one place only those creations that are specially created for Easter. Each one on our list has its own advantages, so it is best to check out them all to find the option you like the most. Therefore, let’s go through ten fantastic Swiss Easter chocolates, and help you decide which one is perfect for the upcoming holiday.

Cailler Milk Chocolate Eggs

Right from the Swiss Alps, these astounding chocolate creations will gladden your beloved ones. The highest quality and attractive design will win over the heart of every true chocolate lover.


What makes these Callier Eggs so special is the milk from Swiss Alps cows. It is the main reason why Callier treat is so meltingly smooth. Fresh milk, together with cocoa and other unique ingredients are the essential parts of this chocolate-making art.

Frey Easter Chocolate Mix

If you doubted what kind of chocolate you want for Easter, we have the solution. It’s easy; you don’t have to choose – just take it all! With Frey Easter chocolate mix you can enjoy both neapolitans and chocolate eggs.


Whether with coffee or as a quick treat to keep you going – the tiny temptations in the finest neapolitains chocolate are excellent for every occasion. Each chocolate is carefully crafted following the traditional recipe. Definitely one of the best Swiss Easter chocolates out there.

Easter Chocolate Truffles

The most thrilling Easter present comes from the market-leading bakery in Switzerland. When you hear the Bachmann name, you know it’s all about the quality. It also applies to these wonderful Easter chocolate truffles! The box is not only full of homemade truffles but also the chocolate and sugar eggs.


A perfect pleasure for the upcoming holiday. The stylish box of the greatest chocolate you can imagine.

The best Swiss Easter chocolates: Ragusa Chocolate Eggs

These awesome Ragusa chocolate eggs will take care of your Easter fun! With more than seven decades of tradition, Ragusa has a place at the very top of the whole chocolate world. Whole hazelnuts are one of the main reasons why all Ragusa products are so adorable.


Furthermore, these eggs also have all main Ragusa characteristics. Besides hazelnuts, there is also a lot of cocoa. Hence, every true chocolate lover will be ecstatic when chewing only one bite of these eggs.

Frey Confiseur Easter Pralines

Is there anything sweeter than the highest chocolate experience? Frey Confiseur Easter pralines represent that feeling in every possible manner. They are made to please demanding chocolate lovers throughout the world. Frey chocolate passion for the finest products is always present. Hence, these pralines are just what you need to make this Easter perfect.


Frey Japonais Chocolate Eggs

Frey Japonais chocolate eggs are a delicious blend of the finest chocolate and special ingredients. Whether with creamy fillings or crispy additions, these eggs stand out for the varied, unforgettable and delightful taste experience. Therefore, everybody is going to love them, both young and old ones.


Frey is always welcome for special occasions like Easter. It will make your holiday unique and memorable for the whole life.

Frey Freylini Special Chocolate Mix

You might be wondering how to shorten the waiting time until Easter. Frey Freylini Special Mix will help you achieve that goal! Furthermore, it will put smiles on everyone’s face when the holiday comes!


Since Easter is one of those special days, you should celebrate it in a proper way. With gorgeous Frey taste!

Ovomaltine Easter Chocolate Eggs

Ovomaltine Easter eggs are following the traditional recipe of Ovaltine chocolate. The most delicate milk and crispy Ovo flavor will naturally vanish on your tongue.


Not only that Ovomaltine eggs have become bigger but they are a little more intense in the taste. Just imagine the happiness and smiles on your child’s face when he/she sees this sweet cutie.

Frey Spruso Chocolate Eggs

If you were always wondering how to make Easter memorable and cheerful for everyone – here is the answer!


House of Frey prepared a lot of different surprises for this Easter. There are exciting things for everyone – both young and old ones. And these Frey Spruso chocolate eggs are suitable for everyone! One of the cutest Swiss Easter chocolates you can find.

Easter Choco Rice Bunny

Easter is not complete without the bunny, don’t you think? Therefore, this Easter Choco Rice Bunny will fulfill the atmosphere for the upcoming holiday.


The wonderful mixture of chocolate and rice will smoothly melt in your mouth. Kids will adore this taste, but also the older ones with a good sweet sense. Obviously, this bunny almost calls to be eaten instantly, but you can always keep or store it in a dry, cool place. Chocolate bunnies are a part of the tradition in Switzerland.

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