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Switzerland is the Best Country to Live in – Fourth Year in a Row!

At the beginning of 2020, Switzerland became “the best country in the world” for the fourth year in a row! That’s a big-time achievement. There are multiple reasons and factors why Switzerland is still at the top, including political and economic stability. However, the fact that Switzerland is the best country to live in doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. However, what it does mean is that the criteria evaluated in the research show that Switzerland has higher standards in different political, social, and economic areas than other nations.


Many people relate Switzerland to its amazing products, such as watches, chocolates, and cheese. Although these high-quality products are indeed the symbol of Switzerland, there are still a lot more things that go in favor of our country.

The report from US News, which shows why Switzerland is the best country to live in, focuses on the following factors – low unemployment, a skilled labor force, and one of the highest gross domestic products per person in the world. Let’s be honest: a strong economy, a high-tech industry, and a highly-developed service sector are critical factors that every person takes into consideration before planning to move to another country. Switzerland has all these factors on a very high level, and that’s why we have been at the top for four consecutive years.

However, many other very important factors also play a vital role in making one country an excellent place to live in. Switzerland excels in many of them. Let’s go through each of them slowly.

The best political system

The Swiss political system is based on a collective head of state. It is a political construction that, instead of settling on one president, has a government of seven ministers from all four most prominent parties in Switzerland. Although there is a rotating presidency (one member of the council becomes Swiss president each year), all of the seven ministers still have the same rights and are equal. What is so great about this system? Parties in the government and politicians are forced to negotiate and find compromise solutions all the time.

As a result, multiple opinions are always considered before choosing the (correct) decision, which is a vital factor in why many people think Switzerland is the best country to live in.

Education and high income

An excellent education system is super important for the future of every country in the world. Education is one of the main factors that make Switzerland the best country to live in. A large number of Swiss adults have an upper secondary education. There is also a system of apprenticeships. Because of this, almost 70% of Swiss students choose vocational training.

What’s even better, when Swiss people finish their college, most of them don’t have to worry about the future quality of their lives. Salaries in Switzerland are among the highest in the world, with an average income of $6300, which is such a huge number. However, the cost of living in our country is high, and also, a small number of people can’t enjoy such big salaries. Still, the average is more than impressive.

Panoramic view of Berne City, Switzerland

Healthcare, safety, and stability

Although there are complaints about insurance premiums, Switzerland still has one of the most accessible universal health systems in the entire world. In our country, patients can enjoy having direct access to every level of care without referrals. Also, there is almost no waiting time (or it is minimal).

When it comes to safety, being out of war for so many years is a pretty big deal. It is one of the crucial factors why Switzerland is one of the safest countries nowadays. On top of that, the number of crimes and political unrest is small. As a result, Switzerland is also one of the most stable countries. It is indeed a place where people can live in peace and harmony.

Great location, mountains, and skiing

Why is it so good being located in the center of Europe? Mostly because we are a natural hub for many flights that operate from Europe and other cities throughout the world. Not only it’s simple to travel wherever you want to, but it is also an important factor that attracts the wealthiest global companies.

Also, Switzerland is an excellent travel destination all year long, but especially during the winter. The Swiss mountains are breathtaking, and there are many places where you can go skiing. If it is not your sport, you can always go hiking, biking, or any other activity that you prefer.



The efficient public transportation system is one of the essential characteristics of Switzerland. Roads are in excellent condition, which makes life a lot easier for citizens. Also, an excellent infrastructure is a suitable environment for prosperity and economic growth. In all significant places in Switzerland, it is easy to travel to work and enjoy a comfortable life. Even at night, you can go to any destination because of the 24-hour network. Although this might seem relatively important, it is a very huge factor why Switzerland is the best country to live in for the fourth year in a row.

Freedom, happiness, and an excellent work-life balance

According to a few pieces of research, Switzerland is the second happiest place in the world, after Denmark. Data was based on health, life expectancy, GDP per capita, etc. Freedom and happiness are important indicators of life quality. Swiss people are happy because they are aware that they live in a prosperous country. Modern people want to pursue their dreams, and Switzerland is definitely a place where they can make it happen.

Also, most people in Switzerland don’t work more than necessary (and according to the law). This means that they have plenty of time for other activities—spending time with family and friends, leisure activities, sports, theatre, cinema, etc. Such a lifestyle boosts their overall well-being and the quality of every aspect of life.

The best national dish

Swiss fondue is one of the most impressive national recipes you can try. There are different variations, but each represents Swiss simplicity and efficiency. It is easy to make and fun to eat, and almost everyone loves it. The process is simple: buy the fondue cheese you like, melt it, and eat. If you’ve never tried it, you’ll be surprised how such an easy dish can be so delicious.


Why Switzerland is the best country to live in?

Although many other factors explain why Switzerland is the best country to live in, these that we mentioned are primary. As we mentioned earlier in the article, Swiss products are also a huge reason because of traditional quality. If you are interested in high-quality, Swiss-made products, check out our store, and you’ll definitely find something you need.

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