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Swiss Fondue Soon Available as an Emoji

The big news is coming from the emojis world! From Autumn 2020, more than 100 new emojis will find their space in the digital world, including Swiss Fondue!

It seems to be that the word “fondue” is searched for more frequently on the Internet at Christmas time than “hamburger.” Statistics from Google Trends are pretty convincing. Fondue has also been a part of pop culture over the decades. Justin Bieber sang in 2012, in the song “Boyfriend,” about “Chillin ‘by the fire while we eatin’ fondue.” Melted cheese also plays a role in the comic “Asterix among the Swiss,” which further increased fondue’s popularity. Even though we can’t be sure which argument was crucial for the emoji guards in the US, it is still a big deal for Swiss people to have one of their symbols in the digital world. Who knows, maybe emoji guards are cheese lovers themselves.

Swiss fondue is a part of Swiss tradition

As you can see, the emoji has two crucial elements that relate to Switzerland – the red color and the Swiss Cross. Even though only one version will be available (see photo above), it still means a lot to have one original Swiss symbol in the digital world that you can use when speaking about Swiss-made products. But let’s talk a bit more about fondue and why it is such a good symbol for an emoji.

Swiss people eat many fondues, which is a part of the tradition. It is super easy to find it in every part of Switzerland. But, when you’re dining with Swiss people, especially from the French-speaking part of the country, you will see that the preparation and eating part are deeply related to habits and conventions.


For Swiss people, fondue means much more than simply putting a bit of bread into a pot of cheese. It is a festive ritual where customs play a vital role. Most Swiss fondues are made with Gruyère and one more cheese variation, such as Emmental and/or creamy Vacherin fribourgeois. But, as we mentioned, every part of Switzerland has its own habits, so the structure of fondue often varies.

The new Swiss fondue will be available in only one version, but fortunately, at Swiss Made Direct, we have a lot more than one to offer. Let’s go through some of the most popular Swiss fondue products you can find in our offer.

Appenzeller Fondue

Appenzeller Fondue is a prime example that each version and variation of Swiss fondue can vary in its structure. This variation contains special spices that make it entirely different from all other fondues. You don’t want to miss this beauty if you are a true fan of extra spiciness.


Gerber Fondue Le Gruyere

Gerber Fondue Le Gruyere is well-known for its typical fine aroma. At Gerber, they use only unpasteurized milk and cows that supply it pasture grass only during the summer months. Besides that, there are no additional ingredients. You can enjoy it as a dessert or a snack, but also as an addition to warm dishes.


Gerber Fondue L’original

And finally, here is the most popular blend of Swiss citizens – Gerber Fondue L’original. It is a classic Swiss fondue using the well-known Emmentaler recipe. For a full preparation, besides this beautiful Gerber Fondue, you need two cloves of garlic, nutmeg spice, and about one kilogram of flute bread.


Now you can better understand why such a small thing as the Swiss Fondue emoji means a lot to us. It is part of a tradition in every part of Switzerland, and now, it will be viral.

Besides the fondue, among over 100 new emojis, there will be a polar bear, a black cat, and a pinata. Apple and Google will have more than enough time to create their own designs.


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