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Ed Sheeran at Lucerne Carnival?

To many of us, nearby carnivals are the favorite time of the year! Wandering around with our friends, listening to some cool music and watching parades and choirs. Also, the atmosphere is great and good vibe is spreading throughout the whole town. It is always nice to see moody people with huge smiles on their faces. And one of these great festivals is happening now in Switzerland!

Carnival started in Lucerne, officially today. But, since 3rd of February, you could listen to several concerts all around the town. Musicians are blowing their instruments, and the crowd is dancing in the real winter spirit. Furthermore, people could see strange characters with fantastic masks and costumes parade along the narrow streets. The true festive atmosphere!

Familiar Face in Lucerne? Or not?

Of course, since this is one of our favorite festivals, we had to go there and see what’s going on. We were traveling around and stopped at the Pilatus Market shopping center. It was such a pleasure listening to the Carnival music, but also to the awesome “Nachtheueler Horw”. An absolute masterpiece! And then, the most strange thing happened.

At some point, we have noticed the familiar face. We were so confused at that moment and had only one question in mind. Is this Ed Sheeran, playing the trombone? Almost. But hey, it is his most authentic doppelganger!




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