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Swiss Made Direct and Climate Neutrality – Part 2

In our last blog post we were talking about climate neutrality – its definition, requirements, and other information regarding offset projects and certification.

Now, we want to talk more about our online store – Swiss Made Direct and why this was so important for us to become a climate neutral company. But, more importantly, we’ll talk about why this is important news for you – our dear customers, and also, for all other people who will become the part of Swiss Made Direct family.


Why are we so proud of “climate neutral” title?

In the world we live in, it’s more important than ever to be environmentally-friendly and save our dear planet. Each individual effort is essential for this global goal. But, when you do it as a company, the overall results are greater and much more visible. Let me explain why.

First of all, all our employees and customers now have an even clearer picture of the importance of climate neutrality and eco-friendliness. Spreading a positive influence throughout the world for the noble cause is the best thing we can do as a group. And yes, we’re very proud of it.


Apart from that, we support all regional projects that serve to protect the Swiss mountain forest and much more. As a Climate Partner, we have a privilege, but also a duty, to support climate neutrality.

Finally, we offset 100 percent of our business activities’ emissions through carbon offset projects. ClimatePartner supports us in calculating, reducing, and offsetting carbon emissions. The entire process is verifiable with the label “climate neutral” and our certificate.

We support the “Forest protection combination, Swiss mountain forest protection, and forest protection Pará, Brazil” carbon offset project with our company’s climate neutrality. Also, we help to achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Some of these are combating poverty and improving living conditions in emerging and developing nations. We’re taking responsibility for climate protection and emphasizing our commitment to sustainability by offsetting our company’s emissions.

But, you might still wonder – why is all of this important to you?


Be our customer = Support our planet

To put it simple – as an individual, you don’t have to care about our planet – it’s your own will. But, as a responsible, reliable, and conscious person – you need to play your own part in this planet-saving goal. There are many ways to be ecologically active, and shopping is one of these.

Shopping at Swiss Made Direct means that you won’t ever have a bad feeling about climate. That’s something other stores can’t say, which makes a huge difference for every person who cares about our planet’s health. With every purchase at our store, you’ll know that you did nothing wrong environmentally. Moreover, you’ll support all regional projects in Switzerland.

Sounds good to you? Visit our store and see what’s in there for you!

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