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Autumn Camping Magic: Swiss Camping Equipment

Autumn Camping Magic: Swiss Camping Equipment

The summer holiday season is over, but don’t worry, autumn also has a lot to offer. In Switzerland, we have a lot of beautiful camping sites where you can enjoy different activities with your family and friends. Also, don’t forget to check Swiss camping equipment which you’ll definitely be going to need for these adventures. Swiss Military blanket, BBQ set, and much more!

Autumn beauty

Autumn unveils one of the most significant and most beautiful transformations of nature. That stunning display of gold and crimson will make you feel relaxed and relieved. Swiss camping is especially lovely during autumn – every time you step out of your tent, you will get that beautiful feel.

Your kids will adore such an adventure as well. Imagine how happy they would be to jump on a massive pile of leaves. Watching their laughter and happiness while they kick leaves and roll around is a unique and enjoyable experience.

The most significant advantage of autumn is that it’s neither too hot or too cold, which makes it perfect for outdoor activities. Autumn Swiss camping will provide you a fantastic journey with a lot of new explorations and discoveries.

Breakfasts in the dawn, as well as dinners at night full of stars, are enough to understand the beauty of autumn. Imagine sky transforming in front of your eyes while you eat your favorite dish. Priceless! Also, there will be much fewer bugs than during the summer, which is another crucial advantage. Bugs will be heading to warmer climates, and as a result, you will have fewer bites on your skin. Camping is a lot easier in these circumstances.

If you wake up early enough, you can witness a magnificent sunrise when light pierces through the trees. A real-life illumination, incredible. On the other hand, night skies are usually clear, lit with a massive amount of stars and the moon as their leader. Enjoying these views is priceless, especially when you know the winter is coming very soon, and you won’t be able to spend too much time outside.

Swiss camping in autumn

Switzerland offers many beautiful camping sites, where you can enjoy being in nature and some of the most exciting parks. From Arolla to Geneva and Lugano Lake, Switzerland possesses a variety of magnificent camping spots. Each of them has its own advantages – a rainbow of autumn colors, golden leaves, and impressive woodland. Don’t forget to take your camera on those trips to capture those unique moments with your kids, partner, or friends.

During the summer season, many of these places are full of different people, and there is a lot of action everywhere. Autumn camping is a bit different – it is more appealing for people who enjoy the silence and relaxing atmosphere. In Swiss camp spots, you can find much necessary peace and tranquillity. On top of that, autumn camping is often much cheaper. Hence, it is an excellent chance for you and your family to have a delightful adventure at much lower prices than usual.

Those places are also super suitable for students or team-building breaks. They offer a unique opportunity to enjoy camping circles and different activities with your colleagues.

Finally, for these adventures, besides a good mood, you need the right Swiss camping equipment. In our shop, we have everything you need for a memorable journey throughout Switzerland in autumn. Therefore, get your Swiss camping equipment, as well as your favorite chocolate and soft drink, and flow into your Swiss autumn adventure!

Swiss autumn camping equipment

Because of the legendary strict quality requirements of the Swiss Army, Swiss Military blanket is extremely durable, almost indestructible, and versatile. It comes with selvage and the inwoven red color stripes with the Swiss cross. Now they are available again because of the high demand in the past. Swiss Military blanket is now produced in a more “stylish” version.


Swiss Set for BBQ and Travel

In this outstanding Swiss Set for BBQ and Travel, there are five quality and unique Swiss tools for different outdoor activities. They are made out of strong and durable stainless steel to be your assistants in the most enjoyable moments. In addition to quality and innovation, the unique set of BBQ products, always easy to use and carry also represents a modern design that has been already delighted by many.


Salt and Pepper Shaker

Salt and Pepper Shaker is a precisely handcrafted tool to keep your salt and pepper or other spices at perfect freshness. Pocket Knife is made of German steel and with Swiss precision to be unbelievable light and thin. Cutting Board is a real advantage because this is the extremely light and sustainable product, antibacterial by nature. And finally, it is time to celebrate your favorite meals on camping! Whether it’s vegetables or meat, two Swiss Advance Forks remain stable while rotating.


Swiss Military professional compass

Swiss Military professional compass with the magnifying glass in a leather case has everything you need to find your way, except the map. The viewing window has a built-in crosshair to make reading it even more comfortable. Hence, you’ll be able to cope with any map wherever you are. The housing is very compact – 5×5 cm. You can use it for camping, hiking, scouting, or any other similar adventure. Furthermore, you can also bestow it on your dearest as a gift.


Swiss Military binoculars

Alpine Club professional binoculars with a Bk-7 prism are the perfect camping equipment for every tour in the mountains. Also, the multi-coated surface makes the binoculars water-resistant. They weigh only 300 gram, are portable and have a field of view of 1000 yards. Furthermore, this accessory is also great for every mountain tour or even when you’re spending time in the countryside. Together with the binoculars, you will receive a neck strap and a cleaning tissue so you can always have a clear view.

p 12219 BINOCULARS black

Swiss Military thermos

This stylish thermos bottle is perfect for all sporting activities, but also your mountain adventures in the autumn. The contents will remain hot for up to 8 hours, or cold for up to 20 hours. The Swiss Military logo is there, too. Its capacity is 0,5 l, and its height is 21cm. Hence, it is suitable for every backpack. Also, you can carry it on the way since it’s effortless to carry. It is ideal for coffee and tea, but also other drinks such as cold juices. Every mouthful from this thermos bottle is a real pleasure.

p 12226 THERMOS black

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