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10 Original Swiss Suitcases and Backpacks Every Travel Enthusiast Must Have

Different types of vacations require different gear. That is the first thing you have to think about and one of the first choices you make before you go to the airport or bus station. Choosing between packing into a suitcase or backpack can be tricky. It mostly depends on the type of your vacation, but also many other factors—how long your trip is, do you need to travel more afterward, what season is currently at your destination, etc.

Both Swiss suitcases and backpacks have their strengths, and you have to consider everything before making a decision. There are Wenger backpacks, Swiss Army rucksacks, and much more you can choose.

Keep in mind that the wrong choice might ruin your vacation or at least make it more difficult. Therefore, in this article, we decided to help you with your decision-making process. Let’s break all options into three categories: suitcases, small backpacks and bags, and large backpacks. Also, we will give you a few recommendations on the best Swiss backpacks and suitcases for traveling.

Original Swiss Suitcases

Suitcases are definitely the best choice if you want to stay in one destination for more than one week. Logically, if you’re going to stay in one hotel, you can just leave your suitcase there until you return. You won’t have to drag it everywhere. Hence, the suitcase is always a good option if you plan a family trip or to go to the seaside with friends. Put everything you need inside it, leave it in your room, and enjoy the vacation.

Maybe the most significant advantage of Swiss suitcases is that you can lock them in case you are worried about theft. When it comes to packing, it is super easy to pack or repack your clothes and other staff in suitcases and to separate dirty and clean clothes. On top of that, those suitcases are waterproof and can take a beating. Wheeling a Swiss suitcase through the airport is much easier than carrying a backpack.

The only actual problem can happen in a crowded city. You can’t be mobile, and that might become a problem if you want to use public transportation. However, in almost any other case, a good suitcase will help you a lot.

When it comes to Swiss suitcases, there are many different options. You can find the most suitable variation for every trip, whether it is vacation or business.

Wenger Business Trolley Patriot offers everything you need for various types of travel. It has a mounting bracket for luggage, a big front pocket, and many other essential options. This Wenger suitcase also possesses a telescopic handle.

In addition, it is stable, the wheels are quiet and sturdy, and most importantly, there is a lockable zipper. Finally, maybe the most significant advantage of this suitcase is that you can either leave it in your apartment or carry some essential stuff in it during the day if you are on a business trip. Possibilities are infinite!


There are also some more flexible variations, such as the Wenger Source Laptop Bag. You can use it as a suitcase, but also as a bag. It is super suitable for business trips where you must carry your laptop and other electronic devices. There is a tablet pocket with anti-scratch lining, as well as file compartments for document storage. Furthermore, a quick pocket makes it easy for you to access your items. Also, the rear pocket unzips and becomes a Pass-Thru trolley sleeve, which slides over the handle of wheeled luggage.


Swiss Backpacks

As we mentioned, we should divide Swiss backpacks into two separate subcategories – small and large backpacks.

Small Swiss Backpacks

Small backpacks are excellent for long weekends and shorter trips, whether it is a holiday or business. They are very suitable for people who like to travel with their specific gear and don’t mind doing laundry throughout the trip. Also, your mobility will be limitless – you can carry small backpacks wherever you need. You can quickly get into public transportation or trains. Just put them underneath your seat, and enjoy your trip.

Small backpacks are perfect for hiking trips and training sessions as well. They are multi-use, which is one of their most significant advantages. Ultimately, you will have all your essentials close to you at any time, rather than carrying a bunch of unnecessary stuff.

The Swiss Army Rucksack is one of the best you can carry to your short trips, training, and other daily activities. It is stable and waterproof, so you can pick it up for various adventures. Outside, it is made of an old Swiss army rug, and inside it, there is a truck tarpaulin. Check out all its specifications here.

Also, this Swiss Army rucksack is an exclusive variation, which is super comfortable to wear and, therefore, ideal for picnics and hiking trips. It is made of an old army wool blanket. The inner compartment at the front is accessible through a zipper, and there are plenty of internal pockets, which is excellent for all your small stuff. Both of these Swiss Army rucksacks are super good for any activity.


However, there are many more options besides Swiss Army rucksacks. If you seek a more stylish and unique backpack, we have a Travel Canvas Body Bag that entirely fits your affinities. This bag is made of solid canvas with PU reinforcements. Also, there is a strap with a mobile phone pocket, a side pocket with a press button, and the main compartment with diverse small pockets.


Finally, we recommend a Swiss Army Messenger Bag for your everyday activities and super short trips. Why is it so good? First of all, the material is unique, and it is different than anything else you previously had. And, of course, it is easy to carry, and it is suitable for people who like to have their essentials wherever they go.

Large Swiss Backpacks

On the other hand, larger backpacks are the most compromising option. They work well for people who don’t want to carry a suitcase around, but at the same time, to have a vast amount of storage. During the flight or a bus trip, you can put them in the overhead compartment or underneath the seat. Also, some people want to have more stuff, just in case, and that’s where larger backpacks shine.

As we mentioned, they are more mobile than suitcases and can fit almost everywhere. There are usually many pockets, so you have more ways to organize your stuff. Multi-use is also a significant advantage since you can use it for both backpacking and travel. You can always keep an eye on it and keep it close to you. Finally, they will be fine in both airplanes and buses, and you can run with them attached to your back if necessary.

When it comes to larger Swiss backpacks, the best way to start the story is with the Wenger SkyPort backpack. It is a modern business variation of the Wenger backpacks collection with RFID protection and shock-absorbing shoulder straps. There are three super cool features of this backpack: Pass-Thru, a case stabilizing platform that keeps the bag standing upright, and two Triple Protect laptop pockets.


Wenger backpacks have multiple different variations, and we suggest checking out the Wenger Synergy Deluxe and Wavelength backpacks. Synergy Deluxe provides all-day comfort and advanced protection with features such as a Triple Protect compartment for your laptop. Besides a tablet and quick pocket, there is also a SmartOrg, which is an ultimate organizer with a large zipper opening.

On the other hand, the Wenger WaveLength backpack also impresses in terms of organization. It has dedicated laptop and tablet compartments, as well as mesh side pockets to hold water or an umbrella. There is also a Pass-Thru trolley strap, which is always an excellent addition.


And finally, one backpack for hiking fans! The Backpack Trekking SOS whistle is perfect for mountain adventures. It ensures excellent comfort because of shoulder straps and padded back. On top of that, there are adjustable hip belts and a chest strap. Furthermore, this backpack is water-repellent, and there is integrated rain protection so that you can be safe regardless of the weather.

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