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Swiss Army Rucksack


Swiss army backpack – your new friend for travellings, trainings, and other everyday activities – Swiss Army rucksack! The army backpack is dimensionally stable and waterproof.

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Swiss army backpack Overview

The Swiss army backpack has numerous benefits with excellent materials, straps, and suitable Compartments and comes in diverse sizes.

A backpack is an essential part of our life. Whether traveling a long distance with a backpack or taking a casual weekend trip with a small bag as a carry-on, you need to use a bag designed with extra compartments and tight-fitting. In addition, it must be easily portable and ensure maximum comfortability for a better travel experience.

Hence, it would help if you had more than an ordinary knapsack like a Swiss military backpack. Swiss army bags are extremely popular throughout the world. Whether for a short trip away or a long-term one, they are designed to serve any purpose.

Comfortable & Stable

Swiss Army backpacks are made of old Swiss army rug (outside) and truck tarpaulin (inside) so that the bag is dimensionally stable and waterproof. The authentic swiss military backpack has a bottom diameter of about 26 cm. And a total height of about 48 cm.

In the lower part of Swiss bags is a double bottom of about 8 cm in height, which can be opened with a zipper from the outside (about 33 cm Oeffnungslänge). On the side of the bags is again a 20 cm long zipper.

Through which one can operate a ca.24 cm x 13 cm large inner compartment. The authentic Swiss army bag has a diameter around the inner lid of about 26 cm. This lid helps to cover the goods inside the backpack.

The feature of the backpack & Swiss army bag

Swiss army bags or Swiss rucksacks come with an inner lid; it also has an internal compartment, closed with a zipper about 25 cm long. And this inner compartment is very suitable for the wallet. As well as various documents, as you can open the compartment from the outside.

The whole backpack is tight with a 6 mm thick cord and two locking clips. The Swiss bag has a carrying handle and two adjustable, 4 cm wide straps.

The Swiss backpack is stylish and functional

A product should be stylish and rigid; this is what the 21st century requires! And thus, it is essential that the bags you carry must appear modern yet have the ability to stand strong in a harsh environment. With that said, the Swiss military backpack is crucial for any reason.

Yes, it certainly looks stylish. However, it also helps to carry your belongings safely thanks to its high-quality materials. So whether in college, school, or a professional, the bag can conveniently fulfill your needs.

The carefully designed Swiss military backpack gives your shoulder comfort by evenly distributing the weight across the body. In addition, the straps help the backpack to keep it stable and stationary.

The Swiss army rucksack is designed to use by the strongest muscle of your body to carry the weight or support the backpack.

An authentic Swiss army backpack is versatile

Bought from a Swiss authentic online shop, a Swiss army bag can become an essential component for day-to-day life. We have many choices for you, and you need to choose one which works best for your need. You have to find a product that balances comfort with versatility and space.

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Weight6 kg
Dimensions1 × 1 × 1 cm

26 cm (bpttom diameter) x 48 cm (height)


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