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Wenger SkyPort Backpack


The Wenger Skyport backpack is a modern business backpack with RFID protection and shock absorbing shoulder straps. Laptop and tablet pockets included.

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Skyport Swiss Wenger backpack overview

Skyport Swiss Wenger backpack is perhaps the ideal bag for just everyone. They are light, handy, precise, and excellent for day-to-day use. In addition, a high-quality backpack will make the job much more comforting no matter what you need to carry, from books & your laptop to other essentials.

The Wenger Swiss Wenger backpack is a modern business backpack with RFID protection and shock-absorbing shoulder straps. In addition, there is a CaseBase Stabilizing Platform that keeps the bag standing upright. Also, there is one more addition – Pass-Thru grabs handle slides over the handle system of wheeled luggage for easy travel.

This backpack has a Triple Protect 16″ laptop pocket and a smaller (12″) tablet pocket.

The benefits of Using a Swiss Backpack are many. Let’s look at them;

Stay Organised: The Swiss backpack has spacious compartments to carry your essentials, laptop, and accessories. The spacious compartments help you to stay organized throughout the day.

Comfortable: Swiss Wenger backpack- SkyPort is made by adhering to the highest quality standards and following modern design aesthetics. Making the backpack carrying around more comfortable. It will be much easier and safer to carry in your backpack no matter what you carry.

Safety: The SkyPort Swiss backpack lets you safely carry laptops, accessories, and other essential belongings. The rigid and high-quality materials offer maximum protection for the products inside them.

Using a backpack makes sense if you frequently run around with your laptops and other belongings. And if you are looking for the most comfortable, high-quality, and durable backpack, then certainly, Skyport Swiss Backpack will be your best companion for a long time.

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Additional information

Weight 2.500 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm
Additional Informations

Size: 28 x 31 x 46 mm
Capacity: 26l
Material: Polyester


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