Sugus Fruit Candy Classic 400g


Sugus Candies Classic Chewy fruit-flavored and concentrated fruit juices. The packaging of Sugus is unmistakable. The bright red bag and especially the candy wrapping in the four typical colors are a classic for generations. Thus, the high recognition is provided when sugar-free product, the design of the bag and of the winding of Sugus Classic has been adjusted. The most obvious difference is the color: instead occurs in classical Sugus Red Sugus Sugarfree on in equally bright, but slightly lighter orange. Other distinguishing features include the Happy Tooth and the lettering sugar free. The taste remains unchanged fruity with the same recipe. How Sugus Classic and Tree Fruits ensure the sugarless chewing sweets a delightfully fruity taste experience to the end – thanks to the Sugus typical natural fruit juices.

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