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Sugus Overview

The delicious sugus has been in existence for over 80 years. At that time, the General Manager of Suchard, a certain Mr. Lichti, was looking for new products for his company and discovered at Suchard in Krakow a special soft candy.

1931 candies were sold under the name “Sugus” for the first time in Switzerland. But why was the delicious sweetness “Sugus” called? The name is easy to pronounce and can be read from both sides. Sugus were the first soft sweets in the confectionery market, and the presence of natural fruit juices guarantees a unique taste experience to the end. These features meant that Sugus was the only true original and still a success.

Most people, kids, adults, or old, enjoy chewing candies because it tastes great.  Candies are considered to be one of the most famous and craved treats in the world. And you can take them everywhere you go. Packed in small and good-looking packages, these sweet treats can be the best companion while you are outdoors or at a tea party.

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