Appenzeller Classic Caramels Tin 200 g


Appenzeller Classic Caramels Tin is a seductive pleasure. The creamy little cubes convince with their delicate melt and the crumbly softness.

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Appenzeller Classic Caramels Tin

In the in-house Goba manufactory, the Appenzeller Classic Caramels Tin awaken. The basis of this variation is the traditional original recipe that lasts over 100 years. The creamy little cubes convince with their delicate melt and the crumbly softness. So, it’s a seductive pleasure, a gift for the future.


In Appenzellerland, you should definitely not bite on caramels because they are rock hard. Connoisseurs make them with patience and enjoyment. The intense caramel taste makes it enjoyable in the mouth for a long time. Therefore, caramels consist of the same basic ingredients – sugar and milk or cream. Besides cream, there’s also sweetened, condensed milk. It’s how they get their glass-hard consistency. In Switzerland, you can find different types of Rahm- or Nidlezeltli. In western Switzerland, for example, in the cantons of Vaud and Friborg, the light brown, soft, and chewy candy (zeltli) is best known.

Caramels à la crème

In German-speaking Switzerland, the Rahmtäfeli from the Basel region and the Nidletäfeli from the Bern region are relatively similar to the western Swiss “caramels à la crème,” they are soft and light brown. A specialist explains the differences between the various caramels as follows: “The typical “caramels à la crème” owe their taste to the added vanillin and cocoa powder. The classic Bernese Nidletäfeli are often available at the fairs and disintegrate very quickly once in the mouth. And the Oberbaselbieter Rahmtäfeli are crumbly and yet soft. So, you can chew them for a particular time. ”




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Condensed milk, sweetened 48%, sugar, glucose syrup, cream 3%


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