Elmex Caries Protection Toothpaste 75g


Superior protection against caries for permanent teeth.

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Elmex Caries Protection Toothpaste Overview

Developed by the world-famous Elmex dental research and development team in Loerrach. Get superior protection against caries for permanent teeth. Elmex Toothpaste or Elmex Caries Protection Toothpaste is a refreshing toothpaste, best for your teeth. In fact, the paste is being recommended by many professional dentists. Besides, this toothpaste is specialized for caries protection. Buy from authentic Swiss shop online and everyone from your family can use the Elmex Caries Protection for complete oral care. The package is small and easy to carry on. Therefore, you can always carry the pack with you everywhere you go. To make it short, if you want your teeth to be healthy and strong, this is the best way to make them strong and healthy. Most of all, this toothpaste is essential because it protects the teeth from caries effectively. Find below the Swiss Elmex paste benefits:

Authentic Elmex Toothpaste benefits:

  • Provide optimum long-term protection
  • Remineralize the tooth surface even under incipient caries
  • Protect dental enamel
  • Reduce the solubility of dental enamel

Amine fluoride for effective caries protection

The highly effective amine fluoride Toothpaste attaches in seconds in the enamel and makes it more resistant to caries attacks. Also, it forms a firmly adhering, homogeneous protective layer on all tooth surfaces for optimal long-term protection. So even starting at the tooth surface caries remineralize and cured enamel. Therefore, the efficacy of amine fluoride is scientifically proven through over 500 studies.

Efficacy clinically confirmed
Elmex Research developed in collaboration with dental scientist’s aronal and elmex products. Thus the effectiveness of each ingredient is not only scientifically proven, but also confirms the benefits of Elmex Toothpaste.

Application: for daily oral hygiene

Fluoride content: 1’400 ppm F”

Ingredients of toothpaste Elmex Swiss
Aqua, Hydrated Silica, Sorbitol, hydroxyethyl cellulose, Olaflur, flavor, saccharin, Limonene, CI 77891

Active Ingredient: Amine Fluoride

Your and your loved ones’ oral protection is necessary for your well-being. And the Elmex Swiss toothpaste will serve you well.

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