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Elmex Junior Toothpaste 6-12 years 75g

Effective caries protection for changing teeth and new permanent teeth.

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Elmex Junior Toothpaste 6-12 years Overview

Tooth decay in children aged 6-12 years is quite a common condition in the world. Tooth decay brings a lot of unwanted experiences. It causes pain, infection, lack of loss, eating and speaking disorders, and many more problems. It is an unfortunate condition suffered by millions of kids throughout the world. Fortunately, this adverse condition can be won by taking care of precious teeth with toothpaste fluoride. Like, Swiss Elmex Junior Toothpaste.

Elmex Junior Toothpaste with fluoride brings a lot of benefits for your children. For instance, fluoride toothpaste can remove plaque, resist decay, strengthen enamel, remove teeth stains, clean or polish teeth, and many more. All of these benefits are meant to keep your children’s precious little teeth safe and strong.

The brand behind Elmex Junior Toothpaste

It is developed by the world-famous Swiss brand Elmex dental research and development team in Loerrach. Elmex Junior Toothpaste with amine fluoride helps harden the new permanent teeth’ enamel and effectively protects them against caries. Give your children superior protection against caries for daily oral hygiene for children between the age of 6 to 12 years old. Professionals worldwide recommend Junior Toothpaste for its obvious and proven benefits. Elmex Junior Toothpaste can effectively fulfill your needs and wants if you search for toothpaste specializing in caries protection.

About the Product

  • Elmex Junior Toothpaste promotes the formation of a well-adhering calcium fluoride precipitate to help fight cavities.
  • It provides a level of fluoride surrounding the teeth, which is necessary to stimulate the re-mineralization process.
  • It acts as a fluoride deposit, which protects the teeth against acid attacks

    Elmex Junior Toothpaste provides protection against dental decay throughout dentition.
    Toothpaste 6-12 years and can be used by the whole family.The package is small and easy to carry on (travel, everyday use…). To make it short, if you want your children to have healthy and strong teeth, this Elmex Junior Toothpaste for 6-12 years is the best way to make them strong and healthy. Most of all, this toothpaste is important because it protects the teeth from caries effectively. The Junior Toothpaste Effectiveness is clinically proven.

Application: For daily oral hygiene for children from the age of 6.

Fluoride content: 1’400 ppm F”
The higher fluoride concentration promotes the process of dental hardening, thus making the teeth more resistant to acid attacks and, consequently, to caries.

Active Ingredient: Amine Fluoride

Aqua, Hydrated Silica, Sorbitol, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Olaflur, Titanium Dioxide, Aroma, Limonene, Saccharin, Hydrochloric Acid

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Elmex Junior Toothpaste 6 12 years 75gElmex Junior Toothpaste 6-12 years 75g
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