Candida Continued Detention Cream 40ml

Brand: Candida

Candida ultra continued detention crème is a crème for theeth with chamomile flavor.

Specialized for sensitive gums.


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Candida Continued Detention Overview

Taking care of your teeth plays a vital role in keeping your mental and physical well-being in good condition. Our teeth are for more than making a pretty smile. Hence, we have to ensure this important part of our body is being taken care of by using great oral care products. Products such as Candida Continued Detention Cream.

Candida Continued Detention Cream is designed and built to care for your teeth. The cream works exceptionally well on sensitive gums. In fact, numerous professionals throughout the world recommend this cream to improve the condition of the teeth. The Candida Continued Detention Cream great at removing plaque and cleans dental spaces between teeth. Its design is for safety while brushing their teeth.

Candida Super Detention Cream for best protection

Candida Super Detention Cream is an excellent product from a prominent Swiss brand- Candida. They are a well-known brand for their extraordinary oral care products designed and developed to help fight different oral problems. You can get this Super Detention Cream from an authentic Swiss shop – Swissmade direct to get the most benefits from it.

Candida Continued Detention Cream comes in a lightweight package. And you can carry them everywhere. It doesn’t take a lot of space. Hence you can carry it comfortably inside a small pouch and use it at your will. Remember, your oral care plays a crucial role in keeping you physically and mentally healthy. Hence it would be best if you took care of your mouth very well. And to reach this goal, we have numerous oral care products just like Candida Super Detention Cream in our store.

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