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Curodont D’Senz Desensitizing Tooth Gel

Curodont D’Senz Desensitizing Tooth Gel forms a stable, protective barrier on exposed dentine. A revolutionary product coming directly from Switzerland!

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Vvardis D’Senz Desensitizing Tooth Gel

Vvardis D’Senz Desensitizing Tooth Gel is a professional protection for sensitive teeth.

The patented Oligo-Peptide 103 technology in Vvardis D’Senz forms a stable, protective barrier on exposed dentine.

Within 2 minutes, the open dentin tubules are effectively occluded, inhibiting the pain induced by thermal and contact stimuli. It enables the reduction of sensitivity directly before a professional dental cleaning.

Fast and lasting recovery from sensitivity

Hypersensitivity results from the exposure of dentin tubules due to gum recession, age-related tooth wear, aggressive tooth brushing, etc. That leads to transmitting thermal and contact stimuli to the nerve endings within the dentinal tubules, which is a short, sharp pain.

VvardisTM D’Senz formula provides fast and lasting recovery from sensitivity. The Oligo-peptide 103 technology in CurodontTM D’Senz forms a stable and lasting layer on exposed dentinal tubules. This biomimetic, mineral-rich peptide layer creates a barrier against transmitting external stimuli to the nerve endings, providing effective desensitization.

Scientific evidence

  1. VvardisTM D’Senz achieves almost complete dentinal tubule coverage and significantly reduces the number and diameter of open tubules compared to the other desensitizing toothpaste.
  2. VvardisTM D’Senz enables fast and easy recovery from sensitive teeth, helping reduce pain effectively. It demonstrated recovery from sensitivity faster than a popular anti-sensitivity toothpaste, with 80% of patients reporting relief after seven days. Even after discontinuation, the relief from sensitivity lasted until day 90 in 70% of patients.

How to apply Vvardis D’Senz Desensitizing Tooth Gel?

In the dental office

Dentists can apply VvardisTM D’Senz on sensitive teeth before beginning any dental procedure, such as professional dental cleaning, to make the treatment more comfortable. You can also apply it after dental procedures that could result in sensitivity, for example, periodontal therapy, bleaching, etc.

  1. Apply VvardisTM D’Senz using a rubber polisher, a micro brush, or a gloved finger.
  2. After 1-2 minutes, ask the patient to spit out the remnants. Don’t rinse immediately after application.

At home

You can use VvardisTM D’Senz once or twice daily until you achieve the desired effect.

  1. Take a small amount on a clean finger and spread it on the sensitive tooth/teeth.
  2. If needed, wait 1-2 minutes, and spit out the remnants. Do not rinse immediately after application.

What happens if you swallow the tooth gel?

The formula of Vvardis D’Senz is extremely tolerant. There are no safety risks. However, the gel, just like toothpaste, should not be swallowed.

What are the main advantages?

  • Fast desensitization
  • Effective occlusion of dental tubules
  • More comfort and less pain for patients during dental treatment

Vvardis earned the prestigious Swiss Technology Award for its products.

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Vvardis D'Senz Desensitizing Tooth GelCurodont D’Senz Desensitizing Tooth Gel
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