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Elmex Children’s Toothpaste 1-6 years 75g

Milk teeth deserve the best protection and the best care, you have a wildcard function and are a prerequisite for healthy permanent teeth.

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Weight 0.22 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

 Elmex Children’s Toothpaste Overview

Elmex Children’s Toothpaste carries an incredible cleaning formula to take care of children’s teeth and gum. Swiss toothpaste is designed to overcome the problem of tooth decay and promote oral hygiene.

It is developed by the world-famous Elmex dental research and development team in Loerrach. The toothpaste comes with special protection against caries in milk teeth, with amine fluoride. Once again, the Elmex Children’s Toothpaste is designed and meant to serve kids who are 1-6 years old. It gives them a refreshing & fun experience, perfect for your children. Swiss toothpaste has a wide userbase throughout the world. And this could be the reason because it is being recommended by dentists very often. Protects your children’s teeth against caries to promote the correct formation of permanent teeth. In addition, this toothpaste is specialized for caries protection.

Elmex Children’s Toothpaste benefits:

Your childrens’ teeth deserve the best protection and the best care. And Swiss toothpaste for children can give them that. The package that carries the toothpaste is highly carriable. It doesn’t take a lot of space, neither is it heavy. Even your children can carry it effortlessly. Keep the toothpaste handy if you are going out with your children because you can not neglect even one day to take care of their oral hygiene.

All in all, if you want your children to have healthy and strong teeth, this Elmex Children’s Toothpaste 1-6 years is is the best way to make them strong and healthy.Most of all, this toothpaste is important because it protects the teeth from caries effectively and makes the teeth more resistant to decay caused by mineral extraction. The toothpaste is highly efficient, and you will be glad to know it is clinically proved.

Product benefits:

  • forms a calcium fluoride on the enamel top coat.
  • makes teeth more resistant to decay caused by mineral extraction.
  • helps install the leached minerals by decay back into the enamel.


  • from the first milk tooth, Parents should brush your child’s teeth once a day with a pea-sized amount of toothpaste.
  • the yellow bristle field of the Elmex training toothbrush facilitates dosage. From the second birthday brushing twice daily.

Fluoride content: 500 ppm F”
The fluoride content is matched to the needs of children aged up to 6 years.

Active Ingredient: Amine Fluoride


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Elmex Childrens ToothpasteElmex Children’s Toothpaste 1-6 years 75g
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