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Candida Braces Brush 3mm


Candida braces-brush 3mm

10 pieces

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General -Candida Braces-Brush 3mm

Braces-Brush 3mm is for oral care TO GO.
You can use it after eating or brushing teeth.
Candida Braces Brush 3mm is a perfect way to get your mouth and teeth clean.
This is a mini brush for you to eliminate food between teeth.
If you want to clean your teeth without toothpaste or toothbrush Candida Braces Brush 3mm is perfect for that!
You don’t have to worry how will you carry it, it’s in a small package so you can carry everywhere!
It can be used at work, at school, after ice cream while walking… whenever you want.

Package contains 10 pieces.
It sticks to the replacement handles.

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