Candida Toothpaste White Micro-Crystals 75ml


Candida toothpaste white micro-crystals is a refreshing toothpaste.

Specialized for tooth discoloration.


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Candida Toothpaste White Micro-Crystals is a perfect refreshing toothbrush for you.
We recommend you for everyday use.
It was made because of caries protection.
The package is small and easy to carry on (travel, everyday use…)
It has a great effect for cleaning and massage for teeth.
Effectively removes plaque and cleans dental spaces between teeth and ensures naturally white teeth.
Keeps your teeth perfectly white.
Specialized for tooth discoloration.
Toothpaste White Micro-Crystals prevents plaque formation.
Cleans teeth more effectively and eliminates the tartar gently but effectively with its new formula with microcrystals.

Brush temper is for preventing injuries.
If you want to have the beautiful smile of dazzling whiteness and amazing teeth Toothpaste White Micro-Crystals is perfect for it .
Beautiful white teeth without stains through polishing cups and whitening effect.

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