Curodont Tooth Gels & Candida Professional Protect


Be the part of the dentistry revolution! With Curodont tooth gels and Candida Professional Protect, your teeth will get the best possible treatment.

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Curodont tooth gels

Welcome to the dentistry revolution! With Curodont tooth gels and Candida Professional Protect, you will secure the best possible protection for your teeth. What is in common to all these products is new, award-winning Curolox Technology. Hence, these products have the best possible references and recommendations from dentists. And most importantly, they will desensitize your teeth and protect them from acid attacks.

When and why should I use them?

You should use Curodont tooth gels before or after dental treatments. They are both easy to apply. Curodont D’Senz is good for tooth desensitization, while Curodont Protect makes a mineral-rich layer which protects dentine and enamel from acid attacks. Candida Protect Professional, on the other hand, is the first toothpaste which uses Curolox Technology. Hence, it is the perfect addition to any treatment with Curodont products. Also, it strengthens the tooth enamel and protects it effectively from acid.

Your teeth deserve the best possible protection. And tooth are one of the essential parts of our body. Therefore, it deserves the utmost care and good quality products. And Curodont tooth gels will be the perfect companion for your tooth.

Like all Swiss products, the Curodont tooth gels and the brand behind the product Curodont works really hard to make sure the end product is right. They always keep sharp eyes on the product they make to ensure absolute quality. Besides this, they are always putting a lot of resources to make a solution to solve growing challenges.

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