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Swiss Army Rucksack

Prepare yourselves for traveling, hiking, and picnics with the Swiss Army Rucksack! It is very stable, waterproof, and comfortable to wear.

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Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

44 cm x 34 cm x 25 cm

Swiss Army Rucksack Overview

The Swiss Army Rucksack is made of an old army wool blanket. Making it dimensionally stable and waterproof. The Army backpack is about 44 cm high 34 cm wide, and about 25 cm deep. You can close it by using a drawstring, two stoppers, and an overlying lid with lockable adjustable and robust clip closures.

From the outside, the Swiss Army Rucksack has an inner compartment at the front, accessible through a 22 cm-long zipper. The compartment design is very generous. In the interior, there are still various internal pockets.

The strap system is ergonomic and padded with soft materials to make larger loads comfortable to wear. The risers themselves are adjustable, and it also has a transverse chest strap, which is also flexible. It also has two padded stoppers to give slip resistance on the back. Furthermore, they provide the necessary support for safe hiking or traveling. Finally, the army backpack still has a comfortable carrying strap to put the backpack anywhere you want at the top of the strap system.

Explore the benefits of the Swiss Army rucksack

The Swiss army backpack is lightweight, simple, and spacious. Its design allows users to pack essential accessories while keeping their hands free. These features make the backpack extremely popular for short—or long-term trips. Let’s look at some of its benefits to better understand the effectiveness of the Swiss army backpack.

1. Spacious – The Swiss Army Rucksack is designed to fit multiple accessories. This means you may keep your belongings safely and in one place. And you can easily access any of them whenever you need them.

Hundreds of Swiss army backpack users have agreed that these backpacks make their lives easier. So if your priority is easy access to your belongings, then the Swiss backpack is the best style of bag you need.

2. Comfortable transport The army backpack is more pleasant to carry than an ordinary backpack. No matter how long or far you have the backpack, you won’t feel uncomfortable due to its high-end materials.

You can have a hands-free experience while taking your things around and be able to move around at your convenience. The best part is that your items are kept safe while exploring the world freely!

3. Multipurpose – A conventional backpack can only carry a few small personal items. But the Swiss army backpack is helpful because it is designed to be served numerous purposes. You may use this backpack to carry schoolbooks, food, supplies, climbing equipment, computer peripherals, and so much more.

The quality of the backpack

“Swiss made” is a word hallmark for absolute quality and standards. An army backpack, as the name suggests, is made by a Swiss brand in Switzerland. Therefore, you can always expect the best quality as it adheres to existing high-quality standards.

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Swiss Army RucksackSwiss Army Rucksack
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