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Vintage Swiss Army Bundle

The Vintage Swiss Army Bundle represents a historic and iconic duo – pre-used Vintage Swiss Army Blanket and Vintage Swiss Army Backpack!

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Weight 12.000 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm
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Each piece is unique

Vintage Swiss Army Bundle

Prepare for a lifetime adventure with the Vintage Swiss Army Bundle! In other words, it’s an iconic duo – Vintage Swiss Army Blanket and Vintage Swiss Army Backpack. Besides being the perfect combo for your hiking trip, this bundle also represents a historic, pre-used combo that dates back even to the 19th century. So, let’s see what we do have here.


Similar to the Original Swiss Army Blanket, the Vintage blanket is also made mostly of wool. Plus, it’s a historic, prestigious piece. And, most importantly, each piece is completely unique! They do differ in length, weight, and also in serial numbers and letters. Here’s a brief description:

  • Pure virgin wool
  • Grey-brown
  • Mottled
  • Height: 210×140 cm, tolerance +/- 5cm
  • Weight: 2000g, tolerance +/- 50g

Vintage Swiss Army Blanket has 5 different classes. So, let’s explain each of them:

  • Class 1 – the best condition (cross, metal button, and year)
  • Class 2 – has the not so visible Swiss Cross or some small disadvantages
  • Class 3 – with the number (as you can see in the photo below)
  • Class 4 – no branding or metal button
  • Class 5 – slightly damaged, but still good to use
Class 3

NOTE: Photos are for display. Every piece is unique and guarantees the authenticity and best conditions available. All pieces have signs of use because they are several decades old.

For each class you choose, you can get the leather straps as well or not. It’s up to you. Obviously, the price is different.

Besides different dimensions, all other differences are potentially caused by shrinkage in case of improper washing. The initials of the manufacturing companies on the ceilings could not be assigned a company name so far.

One of the first things you’ll notice in photos is letters and numbers. And you probably wonder what they mean, so we tried to explain it thoroughly.

For additional historical information about the Vintage Swiss Army Blanket, don’t miss reading our blog post about vintage and original army blankets!


Introducing the rare and unique Haaraffe vintage Swiss Army backpack! This backpack features a handcrafted furry animal hide exterior made using authentic techniques by the Swiss Army decades ago. The vintage craftsmanship gives this backpack a unique character you won’t find anywhere else.

People also call it Haaraffe (hair monkey) and Felltornister (furry knapsack). You can choose between a large and a small one.

LARGE: It weighs around 2.1 kg. Height is 39cm, and width 35.5cm. 

SMALL: It weighs around 2kg. Height is 40cm, and width is 27cm.

CONDITION OF BOTH: The outside of the rucksack is in great condition for its age! The fur is very thick, lush, and clean and is not shedding. There are no bald spots.

The origin of the Vintage Swiss Army Backpack dates to 1872. The VIII. Army Division was provided with “a good woolen blanket as a special equipment, caput, and woolen blanket strapped to the backpack…”

This backpack is very similar to the one from the 19th century. You can have a historic piece that would be super useful during your hiking trips.

Made to be durable and hold up to heavy use, this Swiss Army backpack has sturdy leather straps and a rugged canvas interior. It has multiple compartments and pockets to organize your gear, with a large main room and two side pouches perfect for water bottles. The furry exterior isn’t just for looks – it’s naturally water-resistant to protect your belongings.

For those looking for a Vintage Swiss Military Backpack that stands out from the crowd, the Haaraffe Swiss Army backpack is sure to get attention. Its rare design and superior quality reflect Swiss craftsmen’s pride in their work. Whether you’re a collector of vintage militaria or simply love unique bags, this one is a truly special find.

Get your hands on a rare vintage Swiss Army Haaraffe backpack today while supplies last! Made decades ago in limited quantities, these furry backpacks don’t come around often.

Obviously, both products of the Original Swiss Army Bundle go well together. Pack your things inside the backpack, reach the spot, and when you need some rest – lie down on your wool blanket. You’ll get that feel of the old times!

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Vintage backpack with vintage army blanket bundleVintage Swiss Army Bundle
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