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Switzerland In The Glass Bundle

Switzerland In The Glass Bundle contains Swiss Cross Ice And Bake Form and Aronia dry GIN. In addition, you’ll get the original Switzerland glass to match the Aronia Gin.

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Weight 1.000 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

Switzerland In The Glass Bundle

Switzerland In The Glass Bundle contains Swiss Cross Ice And Bake Form and Aronia dry GIN. In addition, you’ll get the original Swiss glass matching the Aronia Gin. Brownish, almost black, the gin lies in the glass. When mixed with tonic water, the magic of Switzerland unfolds – as if by the hand of a ghost, the dark gin transforms into a radiant red, creating the Swiss flag in the glass. The glass is 320 ml.

Swiss Cross Ice And Bake Form

With Swiss Cross Ice And Bake Form you can effortlessly create beautiful 6 Swiss crosses from ice, chocolate, cake, cupcakes, pudding, rice, and more.

Whether it’s baking, fine pastries, or ice cream, all treats can be easily shaped thanks to the flexibility of the silicone; nothing sticks to the inside, and your desserts retain their perfect form.

Technical data:

Silicone is extremely temperature resistant and can therefore be used for freezing as well as baking. The high flexibility and excellent non-stick coating make it perfectly easy to remove the moulds.

Food-safe silicone according to EU standard.

Dishwasher safe, microwaveable and heat resistant from -110°C to +300°C and odourless.

Dimensions mould 190 x 90 x 26.5 mm
Dimensions cross 6x 50 x 50 x 24.0 mm

Aronia Dry GIN

Made with the finest Swiss aronia berries from organic production certified by Knospe, this gin impresses not only with its exclusive flavor but also captivates the connoisseur with its beautiful, penetratingly dark color – which, as if by magic – transforms into the red of the Swiss flag when tonic is added.

We show that we have a soft spot for numbers with our first gin.
We agreed on twelve botanicals, because a year has 12 months and in football the 12th man is important.

We explain the alcohol content of 42% with the answer of the super computer “Deep Thought” – to the question about the meaning of life from the film “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”.

And all good things come in threes – that’s why you’ll find the Swiss cross depicted three times.

Experience magical moments with our unique gin creations from Lucerne

Gin is more than just an alcoholic drink. Gin hides a profound, real soul that needs to be discovered. A stimulant for connoisseurs who know and appreciate the true values of this spirit – a drink that lets us pause for a short moment in pleasant peace:

This is GIN.

Proven tradition meets well thought-out spirit of innovation

When creative people meet, wonderful stories often arise. This is also the case on an autumn evening 2019 in Lucerne. The goal was to bring Switzerland into the glass!

This resulted in the perfect combination of experience in the preparation of spirits, creative inspirations and unconventional – almost wild – ideas.

Innovative ideas, courage to try something new and the attention to detail characterise the Lakeside Valley Distillery.

Worldwide invention, available only on swissmade.direct

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  • Straight to your door
  • Wherever you are in the world
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Lakeside Valley Aronia Swiss Gin gift set with Switzerland in the Glas.Switzerland In The Glass Bundle
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