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Small Bell With Appenzell Design Strap


Small Bell With Appenzell Design Strap is a gift for any occasion. Same as other Swiss products, it’s super popular worldwide.

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Small Bell With Appenzell Design Strap

Small Bell With Appenzell Design Strap is the classic representation of Swiss quality and authenticity! Hence, you can combine your personal Swiss cowbell with an individual inscription or a logo on a plaque, engraving on the buckle, or inscription on the bell.

100% Swissmade

These bell straps are very popular worldwide. Also, it’s a gift for any occasion. Or may it be an exclusive customer gift for your best corporate client? Anyways, Berger can create memorable experiences. They are made in a traditional saddlery in Appenzell, and they’re crowned with braids. Finally, the brass fittings show classic subjects.

Family secret

The straps of the Appenzell range are made of high-quality leather and are chrome tanned. The advantage of chrome-tanned leather is that they require very little leather care and can do without care for many years. The alloy consists of about 80% copper and 20% tin. The exact recipe is a family secret, which only family members know.

Environmentally-friendly brand

There are even more reasons to buy this product besides having the best quality and handcrafted art. The brand is well aware of the current environmental situation like Swissmade Direct is. So, we take the initiative to reduce the carbon footprint, and Foundry Berger also fulfills its responsibilities.

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Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm
Bell Diameter Size

about 16 cm, about 18 cm


Bell about 16 cm in diameter, about 48 cm high with strap, strap 8 cm wide

Bell about 18 cm in diameter, about 52 cm high with strap, strap 9 cm wide


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