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Bell with Strap Design

Brand: Bell Foundry Berger

Bell with Strap Design is a super unique Christmas gift. Berger Swissbells are always the right choice since they differ from ordinary gifts.


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Bell with Strap Design

Bell with Strap Design coming from Bell Foundry Berger will make your upcoming holidays memorable! The coat of arms is also interchangeable with other coats of arms from all cantons and family and country coats of arms/flags or company logos. The edging color is adapted to the coat of arms to give the look of the bell the finishing touch. Berger Swissbells are always the right choice since they stand out from ordinary gifts.

Unique design

The design with the edelweiss, gentian, and the mountain rose is what makes this bell so magnificent. Many individual stitches are necessary for each subject to connect the resulting holes to a picture using stick grooves. At the back, high-quality leather ensures a long life of the bell strap. Bell straps of this kind are unique pieces, and the bell itself, to which the strap is attached. It’s a piece of genuine Swiss craftsmanship.

Combine your Swiss cowbell with an individual inscription or a logo on a plaque, engraving on the buckle, or the bell.

Did you know that bells mean protection? A long time ago, people used them to keep evil spirits away from the house, yard, and loved ones. On top of that, anyone who hears the sound of a bell has luck. In times of war, people took the bells from the churches and from the pasture to make cannons and weapons. Then, when the war was over, they turned war machines into bells, so the bell’s song meant it was peacetime again.

Besides having high-quality products, there is one more reason why Bell Foundry Berger should be the brand of your choice. The brand is well aware of the current environmental situation like Swissmade Direct is. Moreover, we take the initiative to reduce the carbon footprint, and Berger Bell Foundry also fulfills its responsibilities.

Order Bell with Strap Design Today

Feel free to browse through our website and order online Bell with Strap Design or any other bell from our selection. We will deliver the product right at your doorstep.

Weight N/A
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm
Bell Diameter Size

about 24 cm, about 26 cm, about 28 cm, about 30 cm


Bell about 24 cm in diameter, with strap about 58 cm high, strap 13 cm wide

Bell about 26 cm in diameter, about 59 cm high with strap, strap 14 cm wide

Bell about 28 cm in diameter, about 61 cm high with strap, strap 15 cm wide

Bell about 30 cm in diameter, about 61 cm high with strap, strap 17 cm wide


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