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Bell Foundry Berger Overview

Bell foundry Berger is a Swiss organization well known for its exceptional Swiss bell-making capability. They make a wide array of Swiss bells for many purposes. However, they may make the most famous Swiss bell for live stocks. On the other hand, they also produce high-quality bells for Christmas or better known as Santa bells.

Bells have been used throughout human history for a wide variety of reasons. They are seen as the symbol of happiness and peace, and the sounds are believed to ward off the wicked. There’s a historical reason behind this thinking. Because during the war, bells were used to make war machines. And during peacetime, those war machines once again used to make bells and rung to welcome peace. Besides this, the bells are also used to keep track of the live stocks. How? Well, with their sound, of course. The sound notifies them, so they don’t gaze off far or stay in the hilly landscape view.

Bell Foundry Berger brings the best quality

Bell Foundry Berger produces high-quality Swiss bells in different sizes. Therefore, you will have the flexibility to choose from different shapes and sizes for your needs and wants. The Bell Foundry Berger is known for its efforts in quality controls. From ingredients to the process of making Swiss bells, they always keep a sharp eye on everything to produce fantastic Swiss bells. For example, the straps which are being used in Swiss Appenzell bells get delivered directly by its producer Appenzell. At the same time, other straps are made in-house by hand. Therefore, you can always expect the best quality.

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