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Belair Active Carbon Filter


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Belair Active Carbon Filter

Belair Active Carbon Filter is suitable for the Belair 3000 Akku model. It lasts for approximately one year. Besides all regular filters, there’s an additional Corona filter so that COVID-19 viruses cannot spread through the toilet.

Belair filters have an unlimited shelf life.

The brand meets new challenges

The brand placed a lot of time, effort, and resources to ensure their product can meet the new and growing challenges. For instance, in addition to cleaning foul odors, Belair’s models come with a virus filter. This virus filter can make virus strains such as COVID-19 harmless. Therefore it is efficient and useful for office space and public buildings where the risk from airborne virus contamination is relatively high.

The Swiss brand Belair offers practical, efficient, and innovative solutions without using any chemicals. They have several distinct models for different purposes. And likewise, they have made something special to take on the spread of COVID-19. To reduce Coronaviruses’ effectiveness, two of Belair’s air cleaning units come with highly effective and efficient COVID-19 filters.

A healthy lifestyle

People at Belair believe that cleanliness and good hygiene are essential in leading a wholesome lifestyle. Therefore, they took needful and critical steps to promote a healthy lifestyle through their products. The toilet sees a fair amount of activity throughout the day, and it is a crucial part of human activity. Most of the time, it is the place where people get affected by harmful germs and bacteria. That is why you need to take constructive steps to eliminate and minimize the risk by using the right and proven tools. Yes, there are tools such as ventilators and dehumidifiers, but they are not efficient enough to deal with most problems.

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