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Swiss Set for BBQ and Travel


When it comes to that everything is ready for a trip into the countryside except all needed excellent tools for a picnic, then the Swiss set is something that will upgrade your and your friend’s enjoyment. Get ready for the deluxe, precisely handcrafted Swiss barbecue tools which will spice your life so much that you will want to carry them always.

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Swiss set: Sensational and Innovative for BBQ Pleasure

Swiss Set for BBQ and Travel contains five quality and unique Swiss tools for outdoor use. They are made out of strong and durable stainless steel to be your assistants in the most enjoyable moments. In addition to quality and innovation, the unique set of BBQ products, always easy to use and carry also represents a modern design that has been already delighted by many. But, there are even more reasons to believe why these tools have no competition in the market. Let’s consider them individually.

Swiss Travel Salt and Pepper Shaker

Swiss Travel Salt and Pepper Shaker is a precisely handcrafted tool to keep your salt and pepper or other spices at perfect freshness. In other words, the shaker is designed to prevent the contents from clumping or deteriorating, so the flavor and aroma are always 100% fresh.

Swiss Advance Pocket Knife

Swiss Advance Pocket Knife is made of German steel and with a Swiss precision to be unbelievable light and thin. It represents a modern interpretation of the Swiss Army knife, for every day use. When it comes to to show the work, it cuts the rope like butter.

Swiss Cutting Board

Swiss Cutting Board is a real advantage because this is extremely light and sustainable product, antibacterial by nature. This handy cutting board is made from the bamboo tree which grows naturally in the woods. Furthermore, the product is polished to close the pores, and that makes it water and dirt-repellent. Try this unusually designed Swiss Cutting Board, and you will surprise your guests at your next dinner party at home or in the picnic.

Swiss Fork: Two

Celebrate your meals and picnic also with great German steel Swiss Fork. Whether it’s vegetables or meat, these two Swiss Advance Forks remain stable while rotating.

After all, what can be better than sitting around a campfire with friends and enjoying favorite food prepared with these favorite quality barbecue tools?



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