Swiss Travel Salt and Pepper Shaker


Spice up your life in the easiest way with the Swiss Travel Salt and Pepper Shaker. Made from the best materials and with utmost Swiss precision, this is practically indestructible, compact, and very elegant product, perfect for transporting the spices into your meals or even into the fields.

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Swiss travel salt and pepper shaker Overview

Salt & peppers are the most important and essential ingredients to make food. For decades those two ingredients are used to elevate the deliciousness of meals and as seasoning ingredients. They both are pretty common ingredients and can be found in every household. However, what if you are traveling or going out for a campaign? Of course, you can carry some with you, but to keep them safe, you need perfect packaging or a tool which is made to do that precisely in the right way, just like swiss travel salt and pepper shaker.

Ideal for Travelling

Swiss travel salt and pepper shaker is a high-quality product, perfect for on the road as well as stylish at home. Many lovers of adventures which also love good, spicy food have recognized this Swiss Advance Salt and Pepper Shaker as one of the favorites. Why? With it, your spices will be safely transported, without the risk that the product could be open up in your bag to make a mess. Swiss Spice Shaker is designed with a patented closing mechanism that makes it ideal for traveling. The salt doesn’t clump, the pepper doesn’t become stale, and you can rest easy knowing all your meals will be properly seasoned, no matter if you’re on the trail for a few days or just sitting out in the park.

Swiss Advance Salt and Pepper Shaker: For Extraordinary Fresh Spices

When Swiss Spice Shaker is closed, the caps create an airtight and watertight seal to keep your spices clean, dry, and clump-free whatever the weather. Additionally, thanks to a unique design and transparent materials, you can always see exactly how much spices you have left.

Try once the Swiss Spice Classic Shaker and prepare for the surprise! Then you will found out that there is no other more exciting product in the market to take care of your favorite spices.

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Weight 0.200 kg
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Measures: 67 x 20 x 67 mm
Material: PCTG Copolyester, stainless spring steel
Plastic Properties: Durable, BPA free, food-safe, recyclable


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