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Tube Wrench Edelweiss Trio

Drehmomente Tube Wrench offers convenience to every user. Made with aluminum and combined with stylish design, the trio is made to fit a vast array of tube products and work for a prolonged time.

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Original price was: $59.00.Current price is: $55.00.

Weight 0.200 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

100% aluminuim


Large: 9.0 cm long for tubes up to 7.5 cm wide
Middle: 7.5 cm long for tubes up to 6.0 cm wide
Small: 6.0 cm long for tubes up to 4.5 cm wide

Tube Wrench Edelweiss Trio Overview

Made of aluminum, the Drehmomente Edelweiss Tube Wrench Trio offers convenience to every user. The durable material and smart design are made to extract the content from your tube products effortlessly. From extracting delicious Thomy to toothpaste, you can practically use these tube wrenches almost anywhere. However, there’s no universal tube size. What does it mean? Well, it means that your favorite tubes don’t always come in the same size or shape.

The tubes‘ shape or size solely depends on the quantity of the product and the manufacturer. For instance, there are tube products that come with a width of 5 inches or even more. And a 2-inch tube wrench isn’t going to work flawlessly on 5-inch tube products. Therefore, needless to say, while you are shopping for a tube wrench, you have to keep in mind the different shapes of tube products. However, making a note of every shape and size can be a daunting task – we understand that. This is where our Tube Wrench Edelweiss Trio combo comes into place.

Tube Wrench Edelweiss Trio is Convenient

Tube Wrench Edelweiss Trio comes in three distinct sizes that you can use against most of the tube products currently present in the market. The pack has a small, middle, and big Tube Wrench – they are the perfect answer to the different tube products’ different shapes in your house. All of them are idle and work on aluminum and plastic tubes. This means it fits in the kitchen, bathroom, or hobby space. If you have been struggling to extract content from different sizes of tube products, Tube Wrench Edelweiss Trio is the most convenient and practical answer for your needs.

Order the multipurpose & wide-applicable Tube Wrench from our store. We always look for our customer’s convenience, and our Tube Wrench Trio offers exactly that. Now extract tube content from every size of tubes until it’s truly empty.

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Tube Wrench Edelweiss EditionTube Wrench Edelweiss Trio
Original price was: $59.00.Current price is: $55.00.
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