Rubis Tick Pet Tweezers


Rubis Tick Pet Tweezers are one of the best Swiss medical tools for your beloved pet. In just a few steps this excellent tweezers will remove the tick from its skin.



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Rubis Tick Pet Tweezers are essential tools for the health of your pets. And this is because these tweezers have spoon-shaped tips. Tips which so easily, quickly and painlessly remove ticks from your pet. But at the same time, they reduce the risk of its infection. Rubis Tick Pet Tweezers are made from the highest quality rust-proof stainless steel. Swiss quality and Swiss precision guarantee you a long use of these fine tweezers.

Rubis Tick Pet Tweezers / Ultimate tools to protect your pet from intruders

Rubis Tick Pet Tweezers are ultimate tools because they are hand-crafted by skilled Rubis employees. They are responsible for their exceptional precision and reliability. These tools are the realization of the best that tweezer could be because these employees are very dedicated to their work. The tweezers are results of a 45-step process. And the last step is checking under the magnifying glass.

Finally, the newest Rubis technology and the timeless design of their products put these tweezers individually in the class of their own!

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