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Rubis Letter Opener

Brand: Rubis

The timeless Rubis Letter Opener is much more than an ordinary letter opener. It is a Swiss precision instrument which stands our from others because it has an elegant design that you may wish to look many times.


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Rubis Letter Opener overview

Every individual business has one basic goal: always looking for ways to save time. Though it’s the time of emails, tweets, and messages, today, a significant amount of the population, especially the business, receives hundreds of regular paper emails. If you too frequently deal with paper mail, investing in a tool such as Rubis Letter Opener makes sense. Why? Well, let’s see some of the benefits it can offer.

  • Papercuts hurt. These cuts are expected if you’re handling paper mail and using hand. It’s better to use a designated tool instead to get rid of the pain in the future.
  • The right tool is required to do the right job! Using a letter opener will certainly be more precise & practical. Also, this tool reduces the chance of letters getting damaged significantly.
  • The tear in the papers can make the place dirty and messy. The Rubis Letter Opener keeps the mail intact and reduces the mess significantly.
  • There’s nothing worse than showing tear-up letters to your family member or a client. Keep it professional always!

If you are looking for a different letter knife, Rubis Letter Opener is the best choice! And this is because it has Swiss quality, design, and precision. So, another name for this tool could be the Swiss precision instrument for the easy opening of letter.

Swiss precision instrument

This Swiss precision instrument for the opening letter is made of the highest quality stainless steel. It is a timeless tool because it is the result of the combination of Swiss craft and the latest technology trends. This elegant Rubis Letter Opener is a perfect gift idea for yourself. It is a luxury accessory for your office desk for opening your documents in style. Also, it is more than a suitable gift for your business partners, family members, or friends.

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Weight 0.180 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm


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