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Vintage Swiss Army Blanket

Swiss Army Blanket family in our shop is now richer for one more member – Vintage Swiss Army Blanket! It’s a historic, prestigious piece with 5 different classes!

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Weight 3.200 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

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Additional Informations

Each piece is unique

Leather Straps

With Leather Straps, Without Leather Straps

Vintage Swiss Army Blanket

The story behind Vintage Swiss Army Blanket is absolutely stunning! But let’s first talk a bit about the product itself.

First of all, it’s crucial to understand the original name of the Swiss Army Blanket – Biwakdecken. Biwak means bivouac (additional watch in military/patrol), and decken means blankets.

Similar to the Original Swiss Army Blanket, this variation is made of pure new wool (reine Schurwolle). Plus, it’s a historic, prestigious, pre-used piece. And, most importantly, each piece is completely unique! They do differ in length, weight, and also in serial numbers and letters. Here’s a brief description:

  • Pure virgin wool
  • Grey-brown
  • Mottled
  • Height: 210×140 cm, tolerance +/- 5cm
  • Weight: 2000g, tolerance +/- 50g

Vintage Swiss Army Blanket has 5 different classes. So, let’s explain each of them:

  • Class 1 – the best condition (cross, metal button, and year)
  • Class 2 – has the not so visible Swiss Cross or some small disadvantages
  • Class 3 – it has the number of course, but not a metal button, it has a burning, shaping or similar “sign” (as you can see in the photo below)
  • Class 4 – no branding or metal button
  • Class 5 – slightly damaged, but still good to use
Class 3

NOTE: Photos are for display. Every piece is unique, guarantees the authenticity and best conditions available. All pieces have signs of use because they are several decades old.

For each class you choose, you can get the leather straps as well or not. It’s up to you. Obviously, the price is different.

Besides different dimensions, all other differences are potentially caused by shrinkage in case of improper washing. The initials of the manufacturing companies on the ceilings could not be assigned a company name so far.

But anyway, it’s still interesting to know a bit about letters and numbers on these blankets.


Letters & numbers

So, the first things you’ll notice in photos are letters and numbers. And you probably wonder what do they mean. The thing is – even we can’t provide you with the complete answer since the meaning of the various Vintage Swiss Army Blanket labels has not yet been processed. But, we do know that the number after the letter indicates the year of manufacture. And also, here are some of the letter codes, known and unknown.

  • SW – Aebi & Zinsli, Sennwald
  • PC – N. Pedolin’s Erben, Churo
  • BOZ – still unknown (only “B” might be Tuchfabrik Belp AG, Belp)
  • SCB – still unknown
  • TB – (or 30TB) Schild AG
  • VG – still unknown
  • HJ – still unknown (only “H” might be F. Hefti & Cie AG, Hätzingen)
  • AZ – still unknown
  • HS – Hubler & Schafroth, Burgdorf

The serial numbers were later extended from the original A to K to further letters.

A piece of history

French soldiers hand over their weapons at the border

The Bourbaki Panorama Lucerne is one of the few remaining giant circular paintings in the world that bears witness to the media history of the 19th century.

The photo above is about the ending of the German-French War of 1870/71. French soldiers hand over their weapons at the border. But that’s not in our focus right now.

If you look closely, you’ll see the Vintage Swiss Army Blanket on the tornister of the Swiss soldiers! This historical event, as well as the many other ones, are thoroughly explained in our blog post! Don’t miss reading it!




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