Forest Sounds Motion Sensor

Brand: Alpklang

Forest Sounds Music Box will gently bring you to another world in just a few seconds. You’ll quickly flow into a peaceful state of mind.


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How does Forest Sounds Motion Sensor work?

In Swiss dialect, Huuri means owl. Once you approach here in the wilderness, she’ll show herself, and you’ll be aware that you’re not alone. And that’s precisely how HUURI Forest Sounds Motion Sensor works.

This box has a motion sensor that activates as soon as you’re one and a half meters close to it. Once you come that close, you’ll hear soothing forest sounds for three minutes. In only a few seconds, you’ll feel like sounds brought you to another world.

In addition, this product is wireless. Instead, there are already assembled three AAA batteries that could be changed whenever it’s necessary. Of course, you can adjust the volume as well.


  • Material: Untreated Swiss oak wood
  • Includes: Three AAA batteries
  • Product type: Motion detector with sounds of the forest
  • Dimensions: 9 x 13 cm
  • Audio sample: See below
  • Volume: Adjustable
  • Characteristics: SD card can be exchanged

Achieve peace of mind with Forest Sounds Motion Sensor

Once you’re in the same environment with HUURI Forest Sounds Motion Sensor, the device will play its sounds to bring you to a peaceful state of mind. It will be your companion once it gets dark outside. Also, it will help you flow gently into the dream world with its natural sounds.

On the other hand, if you prefer to place it in the living room, this music box can welcome your guests with its pleasant sounds of nature.

Sustainable materials

As an authentic Swiss Made brand, Alpklang relies on Swiss quality for all its products. Furthermore, they put their trust in sustainable materials from their local region. So, this product is made of untreated Swiss oak wood.

Note: Wood is hygroscopic, which means that it changes with humidity and temperature variations. HUURI belongs indoors. Wood may discolor over time.



Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm


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