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The Best Gifts from Switzerland for Summer 2019

Summer is here! The best time of the year for holidays, picnics, or whatever leisure activity your heart desires. Therefore, we’ve compiled the unique list of the best gifts from Switzerland both you and your friends will enjoy this summer. Let’s take a closer look at Swiss skin care brands (Daylong Sunscreen and Arise), Swiss sport sunglasses, and Swiss soft drinks!

Swiss Skin Care Brands – The Best Gift Ideas from Switzerland

Daylong Sunscreen Face Gel Cream

Daylong Sunscreen Face Gel Cream is a whole new way for your perfect skin look in the sun. So, this is an innovative and beneficial Daylong sunscreen, very suitable for daily protection on the face. It contains long-lasting photostable UV filter system which provides very efficient and instant UVA/UVB protection. Especially with daily use, it can also prevent sun-induced skin aging. The very best of Swiss skin care brands.


Daylong Sunscreen Kids Lotion

Daylong Sunscreen Kids Lotion is the nourishing formula with dexpanthenol which works immediately for the health of your kid’s skin. This unique, liposomal lotion is easy to apply, absorbs quickly, and it is suitable for both face and body. It is ideal to protect the delicate children’s skin from drying out in the sun, but also to nourish it and give a mild smell.  Daylong Sunscreen Kids Lotion is extra water resistant lotion, without perfume, additional preservatives, and parabens.


Arise Anti-Aging Cream

Arise Anti-Aging Cream is an exclusive beauty product because it fulfills its purpose. Thanks to its ingredients which come from Swiss Alps, this organic skincare product has all potentials to reverse aging naturally or even prevent aging. Also, because of its pure natural and very high-performance active ingredients, this product will easily nourish your skin and so give your face young look. The main reason for all the quality of this cream is Edelweiss. It is a delicate rare flower which grows of the Alps. A true Swiss skin care brands masterpiece.


Arise Body Peeling

Arise Body Peeling cream, with its gentle bamboo formula, cleans your sensitive skin, leaving it with a fresh look. If you’re thinking about how to improve a skin health or a skin beauty, here is your answer. Arise body peeling is perfectly suitable for any type of skin. It immediately regenerates your skin and prepares it for any further treatment of care. Also, with its all-natural ingredients, it will make your skin look healthier and smoother.


Swiss Sport Sunglasses – The Best Gift Ideas from Switzerland

Swiss Military Sunglasses

If you are a big fan of Swiss sport sunglasses, this beauty will suit your style! Swiss Military sunglasses receive their sporty look through their ergonomic shape. However, they also provide you a dose of elegance. Most importantly, they have 100% protection against all UV rays and also meet valid European standards in Switzerland. They are perfect for all kinds of outdoor activities and sports, but also for sunbathing.


Biker Unisex Sunglasses

Great sunglasses for all those biking fans out there! Not only that this is a great example of how Swiss sport sunglasses look like, but they are also designed to fit both men and women sporty look. Same as previous example, they have 100% protection against all UV rays and also meet valid European standards in Switzerland.


Swiss Soft Drinks – The Best Gift Ideas from Switzerland

Rhazunser Mineral Water with Alpine Herbs

Rhazunser mineral water with Alpine herbs comes from the heart of the Grisons mountains. Since the body cannot produce minerals themselves, they must be absorbed through food or drink. Rhazunser is thereby a natural mineral supplier. This is one of the Swiss soft drinks which represents the perfect combination of natural mineral water, Swiss alpine herbs, four percent fruit juice, six vitamins, and low calories.


Zingi Ayuverdic Ginger Drink

Zingiber is the Latin translation of the Sanskrit word for ginger. It is used for colds and nausea because this spice has an antiseptic effect. Ayurveda means “knowledge of life” or, in this case, “knowledge of drinking“. Ayurveda is a traditional Indian healing art that has many users not only in India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka, but also in Switzerland. Although Zingi is super delicious, it contains only the most necessary sweeteners – steviol and apple juice.


Pepita Grapefruit Soft Drink

If you like grapefruit, this soft drink is for you. Many of the older generations remember Pepita as a Sunday treat. In 2009, at the company’s 60th birthday, the old label was reintroduced, and these days the drink can be found everywhere. Therefore, you can again enjoy a good old Pepita and taste a bit of Swiss soft drink history! Not only that you can enjoy Pepita grapefruit on its own, but you can also use it for making cocktails.


Keep in mind that these are only our suggestions. Check all amazing gifts from Switzerland, and get that lovely 18% off on whatever product you choose for yourself or your dearest!

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