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Swiss Skin Care Brands – Innovative and Natural

Cosmetics are a huge part of our daily life. First of all, it is a need that none of us should ignore. We must feel good in our bodies. It affects all our daily activities. When our body is smooth, it’s a lot easier to do other things correctly. Therefore, it is essential to secure the best treatment for our skin. And if you were wondering how to accomplish that goal, don’t worry. We are about to present you with the best products out there! Swiss skin care brands such as Daylong sun care and Arise Swiss Alpine cosmetics represent the solution you were searching for.

The very first thing you should know about Swiss beauty products is that they are rich in natural ingredients. Skin is extremely significant for good health because it protects the rest of our body from germs and infectious agents. It needs to be healthy! Hence, it is essential to treat the skin with the best natural ingredients.    

Furthermore, Swiss skin care brands are also scientifically proven. Each of them uses specific Swiss-made formulas. In combination with raw materials, they guarantee top quality and unique content. Hence, products based on these formulas will keep your skin glowing and beautiful whatever your age is. Furthermore, they will regenerate and protect the skin from the earth’s harsh elements and maintain its integrity. High-performance cosmetics at their best!

Let’s go through and see the small but magnificent list of Swiss skin care brands!

Daylong Sun Care

Enjoying your vacation is the primary goal of this summer, isn’t it? However, to be able to relax in the sun for hours, you’ll have to protect yourself very well. Daylong sun care offers maximum UV protection for all skin types. Multiple nurturing ingredients have the special ability to nourish your skin even after sunbathing.


Daylong sunscreen has no preservatives and dangerous chemicals. Therefore, products such as Daylong Sunscreen Face Gel Cream or Daylong Kids Sun Lotion will effectively protect both face and body. On top of that, these lotions are extra water-resistant in both saltwater and freshwater. They are easy to apply and absorb quickly and nurture the skin with additions of aloe vera and vitamin E.

Babies and children have extremely sensitive skin and need delicate protection against UV rays. Daylong Sunscreen Kids Lotion offers exactly that, and it’s one of the best products of all Swiss skin care brands. Whatever your skin type is, normal or highly sensitive, Daylong sun care offers a wide range of products which will allow you to stay in the sun as long as you wish. Remember, the skin is your largest organ. Hence, you have to protect it during these hot summer days. Daylong sunscreens and lotions are your best choices for 2019!


Arise Swiss Alpine Cosmetics

Arise Swiss Alpine cosmetics offers the best skin care for both you and your babies. Alpine plants are Arise cosmetics’ basis and grow in untouched and unpolluted nature. Edelweiss is the most crucial ingredient. This extraordinary plant has antioxidant effects, and its natural, protective properties are great for fighting free radicals. It also belongs to the family of protected plants.


Another essential factor for the unique effect of Arise Swiss Alpine cosmetics is the water. Arise cosmetics relies entirely on pure Swiss Alpine water. It is formed from rain, glacier, and melting water.

Arise cosmetics offers a wide range of great baby products. Not only that these products meet the highest demands of natural cosmetics, but they are also dermatologically tested without mineral oils, dyes, and chemical preservatives. Edelweiss combined with other soothing ingredients, ideally responds to the needs of sensitive baby skin.

Natural and high-quality active ingredients in Arise Swiss Alpine cosmetics have immediate and very beneficial regeneration effects on the skin. Therefore, they are effective for an anti-aging treatment, whatever your age and skin type. Better looking skin for everyone!

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