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6 Swiss Summer Events that Teach us about Greater Enjoyment

The first thing that crosses your mind when you think about Switzerland and the Swiss Alps is the winter. Ski sports, mountain climbings, ice skating, or sledding. And yes, Swiss people love winter. However, even if it might seem strange, they approach the summer with the same passion. You wonder why? Because there are plenty of different, original things to do, which creative Swiss people have managed to create for the sunny, summer days. Some of these Swiss summer events are so original and authentic that you can only see it if you plan to visit this Alps country. Furthermore, they manage to attract the most prominent worldwide adventurers, because, at first sight, they seem unreal and provocative. But one thing is sure – who came and tried any of these adventures, it became his/her dearest memory.

You should try new things all the time, whatever your age or experience is. The summer is the perfect time of the year, especially in July, when you can go on holiday and do something you always wanted but never did before. And Switzerland is a rare country in Europe with these kinds of possibilities. Therefore, we will suggest to you some of the craziest summer events where you can spend your precious time with your friends and family. Not only you won’t regret it, but you will remember these moments forever. Also, keep in mind that these are our suggestions, and there are plenty more other exciting events out there in Switzerland.

Summer Skiing

Skiing and summer – at first you will for sure think that these two don’t fit together. But, they actually can! And it’s not so weird if you keep in mind that we’re talking about the country where skiing is a national sport. The Snowpark Zermatt is the largest of Europe’s snowpark in the sun. What makes it so amazing? Well, first of all, the fact that you can ski in your beach clothes is the most fantastic feeling. The adventure of a lifetime, especially if you were continually searching for something unusual and extraordinary. Furthermore, there are also added 200 meters of superpipe, halfpipe, kickers, and rails if you are one of these guys/girls whose adrenaline is on the highest levels. So, prepare yourselves, pack everything you need in the backpack and enjoy one of the best Swiss summer events!

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Another thing you, at first, might consider snowy, but in fact, it doesn’t have to be! SolarBob is the ultimate summer fun you have to try. Furthermore, it combines fun and ecology in one kilometer of the astonishing slide and a solar-powered lift which will bring you back to the top. This summer bobsled is located in Langenbruck outside of Basel. What makes it suitable for everyone is the speed regulation. You can race down at full speed, but also, you can slow it down if you prefer not to slide too fast. Another advantage is the storage of solar power, which makes it available on cloudy days, also. Don’t hesitate, wear comfortable Swiss clothes, and flow into the slide!


E-bike Tours

Your kid is enjoying the bicycle rides, but he/she is a bit bored with your hometown and wants some bigger challenge. If that’s the case, take him/her to Swiss summer events to spend the best time of their lives. E-bike tours, especially the one around Lake Lucerne, will for sure fulfill their appetites and will provide lifelong memories. These electrically-assisted bikes can be rented at the rail station. Batteries last for about 60 km before needing to be recharged. It is the most exciting way to get around the town or explore more of the region’s lush countryside. It also includes the historic town of Liestal, which is a unique story by itself. You can just rent it and choose your own way, but in case you prefer to have a guide, there are also many organized e-bike tours available. Either way, put the baseball cap on your kid’s head and enjoy the ride!

Open-air Whey Bath

Swiss Alps are full of so many different, authentic places. And if you want to spend a few days there, you should experience the beauty of the open-air whey bath at the Titlis mountain. The place where you will forget all your problems and reach the real power of nature. It’s the most original way to absorb the natural goodness of Switzerland. It contains healing properties, which will help you get a healthy, revitalized look. It doesn’t matter if your skin is irritated or in a healthy state, this bath will leave it smooth and silky. Easy as it is, you should pack your Daylong sunscreen, go to the Alps, and flow into the magic of Swiss nature!

River Aare Rafting

The best way to arrive in the Swiss capital Bern is after a drift along the river Aare from Thun. There are plenty of boat companies where you can hire the raft. After you’ve done that, there is only one thing you should think about – the enjoyment! Come inside it with your friends and supply yourselves with drinks, barbecue or any other thing you need. The drift road to Bern lasts three hours, and Aare has a strong current. Hence, you should all have jackets, and most importantly, care about the ones who don’t know to swim. Also, at the end of the road, you can go for a dip, as many people tend to do. So, put your sunglasses on, get your favorite drink and barbecue tools, pack it all in the backpack, and feel the unusual nature and spirit of river Aare.

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Trekking with Llamas

Hiking is one of the biggest reasons why people are coming to the Swiss summer events. But, every adventure is different, and the summer offers one of the most interesting additions to hiking tours. You already decided to go with your friends or family, but you should consider adding one more member to your crew. You wonder – Whom I should add? Well, the answer is a bit weird – Llama! This beautiful animal can be your companion, but also a mobile storage unit, which will make things a lot easier, especially if you’re going with your kids. And, they will be impressed with llamas for sure, especially if they haven’t seen them yet in your home country. Anyways, this summer is the perfect time to provide your boy/girl the adventure of their childhood! Put the cap on his/her head, dress them up, pack a Swiss Army blanket in the backpack, and enjoy one of the most interesting Swiss summer events.

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