The Ultimate Swiss Holiday Gift Guide

With such a variety of different, beautiful products, it is tough to define the ultimate Swiss holiday gift guide. In the last article, we were talking about Swiss watches. Of course, they are the true synonym for Swiss quality. But, there are many more represents, especially one product line that (almost) everybody likes. Yes, you got it right – Swiss sweets!

Suddenly, making the ultimate Swiss holiday gift guide becomes a lot easier when you have so many interesting sweets, including chocolate sticks, butter cookies, pralines, and many more. Christmas is coming very soon, and it is always nice to have various choices that all have the same purpose – to make your family members happy this holiday.

In this list, there are no good and bad choices. The list could be even broader, with absolute quality cookies, such as Basler Lackerli. Every sweet has its own, unique taste, and it is your task to find the best one for your kids, partner, and parents. Who knows their taste better than you?

Therefore, let’s take a look at the most exciting Swiss sweets for the upcoming holiday. We present you with the ultimate Swiss holiday gift guide.

Favarger Chocolate Fondue Set

Favarger chocolate fondue set is a suitable accompaniment to fruit. However, it is equally delicious in combination with other sweets such as Marshmallow, or the crunchiness of a meringue. The beauty of aromas makes Favarger chocolate fondue set so strong and tasty. In addition, the voluptuous texture is providing even more style to this set. Favarger chocolate fondue set may contain traces of hazelnuts, almonds, dairy products, pistachios, and walnuts.


Tirggel Christmas Tree Biscuits

Tirggel Christmas Tree biscuits represent a special, very adorable gift for the upcoming holiday! The Tirggel story has its origins in Wadenswil, in the bakery of the Suter family. Nowadays, despite much manual work, they use modern packaging machines. Also, for making Tirggel sweets, they use a dough mixer and electric oven. An eighteenth-century recipe in Old German reveals the original Tirggel mix:

Take a brook of honey 3 Lott Imper, 1 Lott room, 1 and a half lot of nails, a little milk, and a bitzeli rose water.


Frey Mahony Dark Chocolate 55%

Frey Mahony is the combination of the finest Swiss chocolate and honey-almond nougat. Hence, every piece of this beautiful dark chocolate offers a unique experience. Frey Mahony dark chocolate is distinctive chocolate, and therefore, it needs a distinctive shape. Keep it dry and away from heat.


Frey Confiseur Chocolate Pralines

Experience overwhelming, sweet moments with the deliciously Frey Confiseur chocolate pralines. A stunning taste will make everyone happy this Christmas. Therefore, both children and adults will absolutely love them! A carefully selected collection for incomparable enjoyment is ideal as a gift with a Christmas envelope. Hence, bring the sweet magic to your holidays with the taste of authentic Swiss chocolate.


Frey Chocolate Christmas Tree

Treat your senses with the finest indulgence of Frey Chocolate Christmas Tree! The little colorful freylines with their exquisite fillings are so seductive that you rarely enjoy just one. Therefore, Frey Chocolate Christmas Tree is here to give, share, and enjoy. With great love and passion, Frey creates these exclusive chocolates right here in Switzerland. Their Christmas range offers the perfect prestige chocolate for every sweet lover.


Lindt Orange Chocolate Sticks

Lindt Orange Chocolate Sticks are the true specialty for all fans of chocolate, orange, and liqueur. A high-quality orange liqueur in combination with the finest Lindt chocolate represents the unique experience even beyond the classic chocolate. Therefore, these sticks can offer something that many other chocolates can’t. The original Lindt Orange Chocolate Sticks are pure pleasure for all sweet lovers and connoisseurs.


Cailler Plaisirs Gourmands Chocolate

Cailler Plaisirs Gourmands are divine chocolate bars that excite with every bite. This Cailler chocolate line will surprise your taste buds with sweet nibbles of secret treasures. Therefore, it’s a perfect way to treat yourself after that long day of work. For generations, the Cailler brand has created irresistible chocolate products and hence, contributed to the world-renown reputation of Swiss chocolate.


Kambly Butter Cookies

Delicate and wafer-thin, Kambly Butter Cookies are delivering a delicious taste. Fresh butter, fresh cream, and fine almonds are the guarantee of impeccable taste. Light and elegant as they are, Kambly Butter Cookies will make happy every true cookie lover. Hence, it is ideal for people who know how to differentiate the best from the rest. All Kambly products contain special natural ingredients. Hence, with the help of excellent recipes, Kambly came out with a unique style, while also meeting all requirements.


Hug Spitzbueb Biscuits

Feel the spirit of Christmas with the taste of lovely Hug Spitzbueb biscuits! The fruity freshness of the jam filling comes from the combination of sweet raspberries and slightly sour currants.  Besides, a subtle vanilla note, Swiss butter, and the dusted powdered sugar complete the specialty. Hug Spitzbueb biscuits are here to show love, dedication, and closeness to your beloved ones. Therefore, don’t overlook this beauty while planning your Christmas.


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