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Cristiano Ronaldo Swiss Chocolate Sculpture – the Epilogue

Three months ago, Jorge Cardoso, a confectioner from the Canton of Friborg, finished his Cristiano Ronaldo Swiss Chocolate sculpture. Back then, he said that he hopes that CR7 will soon see his masterpiece. Finally, this story got an epilogue. Moreover, a happy epilogue.

Not only the 120-kilogram sculpture is now in the CR7 Museum, but it also seems that the biggest football star is happy with Cardoso’s work. He said that it was well done. It is such a triumphant moment for Cardoso since he’s a huge Ronaldo fan and an extremely talented chocolate artist.

As you can see, now there is a photo (see above) of Cristiano Ronaldo and his chocolate twin brother.

When a dream comes true

Before the Coronavirus pandemic, Cardoso went to Madeira to bring the statue to the museum. Even then, he already received a lot of positive comments and feedback. Everybody liked Cristiano Ronaldo Swiss Chocolate sculpture.


The sculpture is 187 centimeters tall and it’s almost as big as Ronaldo himself (189 centimeters). However, it weighs approximately 120 kilograms, and Cristiano Ronaldo is much lighter at 84 kilograms

The value of the statue is around 10,000 francs.

What is so special about chocolate?

As we can see, with the help of Swiss chocolate, Jorge Cardoso managed to create a masterpiece sculpture. Of course, it is his effort that counts the most, but Swiss chocolate gets some of that credit as well.

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Where to get the highest quality Swiss chocolate?

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