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about ragusa

Ragusa Overview

Ragusa is a hazelnut chocolate bar from Switzerland. Its creation dates back to the year 1942, when raw materials such as cocoa, were in short supply. The founder, Camille Bloch, used a mass of ground hazelnuts and whole hazelnuts to fill a bar of chocolate. He poured this mixture in successive layers and cut them into rectangular bars. Hence, the Ragusa chocolate was born.

Chocolates Camille Bloch SA is a traditional family chocolate factory that was founded in 1929. Today, it is one of the largest chocolate manufacturers in Switzerland and employs 180 staff.

The original Ragusa hazelnut chocolate bar

Today, the Ragusa chocolate bar still possesses the original characteristics: the same recipe, the traditional method of manufacturing and, of course, the same rectangular shape.

The cult chocolate bar won the hearts of Swiss consumers with its smooth praline filling, whole hazelnuts, and original rectangular shape. Most importantly, it is 100% natural!

Discover this creamy chocolate in three delicious variations: the original, blond with caramel and noir with 60% cacao.

Finally, the Swiss company places the highest priority on the quality of raw materials. Therefore, they employ social and environmental sustainability on all production sites. Ragusa has decades of experience in making amazing Swiss chocolate adored and loved by thousands of people worldwide. And the numbers are multiplying. They have gained tremendous goodwill throughout the years and are achieving the more significant milestone, and we are glad to get them as our partners.

The brand keeps a tradition alive but creates new taste experiences for all chocolate lovers. Select your favorite Ragusa among our premium selection!

Swiss Chocolate Bars with Hazelnut

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