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What is marzipan and where people use it?

What is marzipan, and where do people use it?

Marzipan is a soft, thick confectionery paste made of pressed almonds. It is used as icing or molded into sweets. Its clay-like texture makes it very easy to handle. Because of its pleasant flavor and texture, marzipan is usually used for cakes and other sweet treats. Furthermore, marzipan for cakes is often combined with fruit fillings or covered with chocolate to give them a richer, darker taste. Let’s first answer the question: What is marzipan?

Why use this paste in desserts?

Marzipan is made from strong almonds, making it an excellent alternative to sugar or refined white flour. In addition, it is also made without hydrogenated oils, which makes it healthier for you. Lastly, it is very easy to prepare. Hence, it can be made ahead of time and frozen for several weeks until you need it.

This delicious paste is usually sold in tubes, tubs, or cans. The real fans love each and every variant!

What is marzipan? First, learn the history!

Let’s start with a little history. Marzipan originally came from the Middle East; back then, it had rose water or orange blossom flavor. As early as 965, this specialty was one of the caliphs’ table delights. Moreover, it became known in Europe through the Arab invasion of Spain and Portugal. At that time, only kings and princes could eat this specialty. When pharmacists started producing and selling the almond paste, as they had the spice monopoly, confectionery manufacturers soon began manufacturing marzipan. However, it remained a luxury item until the 19th century. Finally, when people started to produce sugar from sugar beet, which was cheaper than cane sugar, marzipan became more widely available.

What is a marzipan product?

Today, we prepared a list of delicious marzipan Swiss products you should try! In addition, they are all great as a gift to your special one, a friend, or a family member. Furthermore, we’re sure your kids will adore them! So, without further ado, let’s dive into the world of marzipan sweets.

Assorted Mass

Let’s start with the basic one. Assorted Marzipan Mass is ideal for shaping figures, setting cakes, or simply sniffing! Choose between various colors – black, white, yellow, green, red, rose, orange, grey, green, brown, blue, and nature. You can make any figure you imagine. Your creativity is the limit!


Potatoes With Cacao Powder

Have a craving for tiny, sweet potatoes that are actually a dessert? Then Marzipan Potatoes With Cacao Powder – or Marzipankartoffeln in German – is for you. Made from fresh marzipan and shaped into tiny potatoes, this treat is creatively dusted in cocoa powder to create the perfect potato “skin” coating! In addition, these treats are traditionally given to friends in little bags or placed on the goodie plate at Christmas.


Marzipan Balls

You will absolutely love these marzipan candies! Marzipan Balls are incredibly delicious and perfect for any chocolate lover out there! They will leave you always wanting more. Hence, you will love this 600g package with 25 individually packed pieces! Moreover, the best part is you can choose between three different flavors – rum (rum sultanas and chocolate (15%), apricot (orange liqueur apricot pieces and chocolate (15%), and nature (chocolate 15%). No matter your choice, we’re sure it will become your favorite!


Assorted Figures

We saved the best for the last! Marzipan Assorted Figures are lovingly shaped and painted by hand figures you will absolutely love! Big or small pig, good luck-pig, ladybug, ladybug on a leaf, owl, bird with heart, owl, hedgehog, cow, elephant, the choice is huge! Hence, no matter which you choose, you will not regret it!


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