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Happy International Friendship Day!

Friendship Day is a day when friends and families celebrate the great relationships they have with each other. This day was first celebrated in the UK in 1772. The main objective behind this celebration is to commemorate the friendly relationships that exist between a family and their friends.

The calendar date of International Friendship Day is 30th July. When we look back in history, it was an early Christmas holiday in England. However, in recent times, we celebrate International Friendship Day in July.

People from different parts of the world celebrate friendship day in their own way. Usually, after a hearty meal, people welcome their friends and family members with flowers and gifts. After celebrating Friendship Day, the ceremony sometimes moves on even during the next week.


In fact, it was on this same date in 1874 that the English Princess Diana proposed to King Edward IV of England at Chatteris. She said that she loved him and wanted to marry him. A few days later, King Edward granted her what was referred to as the “poisoning kiss.” The proposal of marriage was very popular in several countries, including Paraguay. In fact, Queen Victoria invited Paraguay to celebrate Friendship Day with her on the 16th anniversary of the acceding of the English crown.

Today, many people have turned the social media platform into one of the places to celebrate National Friendship Day. The best way for you to get to know people from other parts of the world is through social media websites. Two of the most popular social media platforms are Facebook and Instagram, of course. People share photos with their friends and happy memories they had together throughout the years.

If you want to find new friends online on this day, you can use Twellow and Find Out, and Friendfinder. These three websites allow users to search for friends within the area where they live. Once you have found your friend, you can send them a message to celebrate Friendship Day.


On the other hand, if you’re more for “live” friendship – there are also plenty of options. You can host a lunch party, spend a whole day in the local park with your friends, or go on a road trip, for example.

How are you going to celebrate this year’s Friendship Day? Do you prefer “live” socializing or an online adventure?

Whatever your option for this year is – we wish you to have a memorable Friendship Day!

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