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How might shipping interfere with sustainability and the environment?

In our recent article, we were talking about how free shipping might support “modern slavery”? Now, it’s time to shift the story in a merely different direction. Hence, we’ll analyze how shipping might interfere with sustainability and the environment.

Last time we mentioned questions that people usually ask us regarding shipping. However, there is one more that we often receive:

Why (average) shipping time cannot be shorter?

There are two primary reasons – sustainability and the environment.


How can shipping affect sustainability and our environment?

As a climate-neutral company, it’s needless to say that we deeply care about our planet and its environment. But still, you might wonder what does it have to do with shipping? And why the average time for dispatching your order is ten days?

Well, there is a huge reason.

This way, we can order goods for many of our customers at one time. By doing that, we reduce traffic and resources for our planet. And it’s a pretty big deal!

Believe it or not, many “big players” are continually destroying new goods in so-called “destroy stations” throughout the world. Long story short, the goods usually get processed into cleaning rags, among many other things, mostly because of high storage costs. Can you imagine how destructive that is?

In addition, the “duty of care” law came into force in 2020, which is intended to make companies more responsible. For example, it says that – when distributing goods, companies need to make sure that products don’t end up in the junk. But, unfortunately, there are still no strict penalties and punishments for violation of this law.

Anyways, as we mentioned above, we are a company that deeply cares about the sustainability and environment of our planet. So, therefore, we’ll stick to our current shipping sustainability policy – the average delivery time will still be ten days. And hope you have a better understanding of why that is so.


Caring about the environment is crucial for saving our planet

In the world we live in, it’s more important than ever to be environmentally friendly and save our dear planet. Individual efforts are essential for this global goal. But, when you do it as a company, the overall results are more significant and much more visible.

So, in terms of shipping, what is the exact thing that we do that really matters when it comes to environmental care? Paper, of course!

We use only the specific paper that can be used as agricultural waste! So, there’s no need to chop more trees and destroy our planet for no reason. Such a way of doing business considers the health of our planet. Going fully digital is the only better solution, however, it’s still not entirely possible (maybe it will be in the future). As a Climate Partner, we have a privilege and a duty to support climate neutrality.

In the end, you might still ask – what does it have to do with me?


Well, as an individual, you don’t have to care about our planet – it’s your own will. But, as a responsible, reliable, and conscious person – you need to play your part in this planet-saving mission. There are many ways to be ecologically active, and online shopping is only one of these.

While shopping at Swiss Made Direct and accepting our shipping policies, you can be sure that you’re on the right side in the environmental activity. In fact, you’ll support our climate and environmental efforts and, most importantly, you’ll know that you did something good for our planet.

We have only one planet – let’s save it for future generations!

And STAY TUNED! In the following months, we’ll have more news about our future climate-neutral projects.

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