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Olo Marzipan Assorted Figures Box

Brand: Olo Marzipan

Olo Marzipan Assorted Figures Box are lovingly shaped and painted by hand figures you will absolutely love!


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Olo Marzipan Assorted Figures Box

Olo Marzipan Assorted Figures Box are lovingly shaped and painted by hand figures you will love! Big or small pig, good luck-pig, ladybug, ladybug on a leaf, owl, bird with heart, owl, hedgehog, cow, elephant, red heart, cat couple, the choice is giant!

In addition, these little figures are great gifts for your loved ones, friends, or coworkers! Furthermore, we’re sure your kids will adore it!

Marzipan history

Marzipan originally came from the Middle East, and back then, it had rosewater or orange blossom flavor. As early as 965, this specialty was one of the caliphs’ tables delights. Moreover, marzipan became known in Europe through the Arab invasion of Spain and Portugal. At that time, only kings and princes could eat this specialty.

When pharmacists started producing and selling the almond paste, as they had the spice monopoly, confectionery manufacturers soon began manufacturing marzipan. However, it remained a luxury item until the 19th century. Finally, when people started to produce sugar from sugar beet, which was cheaper than cane sugar, that eventually made marzipan more widely available.

Olo marzipan assorted figures do not contain harmful trans fats or, more precisely, trans fatty acids (TFA)! Furthermore, in its natural form, marzipan is alcohol-free, gluten-free, lactose-free, vegetarian, and vegan.

About the brand

The company’s founder Otto Lohner laid the foundation stone for today’s Olo Marzipan O. Lohner AG in Ostermundigen in 1933. The protected “olo” logo, well known in the trade, is derived from the first letters of his first name and surname.

Today, the factory has around 60 employees, with an output of some 2,000 tonnes of products per year. One of their best-known products is the classic orange marzipan carrot, which you can find on almost every carrot cake.

The company continues to be a family business run by the third generation.

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Sugar, almonds 35%, humectant (sorbitol, E1103), glucose syrup, coloring (E100, E120, E141, E153, E160e), glazing agent (E904), flavor, milk protein


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