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Scudellate Swiss Village Transforms into a Unique Hotel Destination

At the southernmost tip of Switzerland, the small Scudellate Swiss Village was once a bustling spot for smugglers who would hike through the mountainous terrain to earn a living. However, as time went on, it looked like the village was on the brink of dying out completely.

Scudellate Swiss Village

How the Albergo Diffuso is Bringing New Life to Scudellate Swiss Village

Oscar Piffaretti, the son of a local host family who spent his childhood in the Osteria Manciana, had a bold idea to revive Scudellate. Furthermore, he came up with a unique concept: an “Albergo diffuso,” or dispersed hotel. Teaming up with Claudio Zanini, they set out to renovate some of the buildings and create a new type of hotel experience.

Oscar Pifaretti and his father

The Osteria Manciana, a former gathering spot for smugglers, was completely renovated. It now serves as the reception, dining room, and mini-hotel. In addition, the former school building was converted into a guest house. It now has shared rooms and a slightly more upscale Bed&Breakfast. Now, up to 50 guests can stay in Scudellate and experience the peace and tranquility of this hidden gem.

Osteria Manciana

The Albergo Diffuso is not just a new hotel but a way to bring new life to a village that was once in danger of disappearing altogether. Moreover, with the sound of birds, rustling leaves, and the mountain stream Breggia, Scudellate is an oasis of calm, far from the noise and chaos of modern life.


Scudellate’s transformation into a dispersed hotel is a testament to the power of innovation and the beauty of rural living. By preserving the Swiss village’s rich history and creating a new way to experience it, Piffaretti and Zanini have given new hope to a once-forgotten corner of Switzerland.

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