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Berger Swissbells – The Spirit of Christmas

Santa Claus is a universal Christmas and New Year symbol all around the globe. Besides his recognizable red suit, beard, and mustache, he often carries one more important Christmas symbol – the bell. Stay with us and learn everything you need to know about the best bell company – Berger Swissbells! Today, we’ll share with you a story about the Bell Foundry Berger and their Swissbells, which is, believe it or not, the oldest business in Switzerland.

But let’s return to the beginning.

Santa and Bells

Most kids love the Santa story the most out of all others related to the Christmas and New Year holidays. It makes sense entirely – it’s a great story in the first place, and also, on the first mention of Santa Claus, all kids expect presents. Even though, when they get a bit older, kids stop believing in a “real” Santa Claus, they still love that story because they get something out of it. However, when they grow older, the whole Santa story becomes less and less important. Kids in puberty have other things in their minds.

But there is another Christmas symbol and motive that always has a special connotation. It doesn’t fade while you’re growing. Yes, the bells! To fully understand the importance of Berger Swissbells and how they remade the design of bells since 1730, we need to go even more back in the past – to the early days of Christianity.


Bells and Christianity

The introduction of bells into Christianity took place in the 4th and 5th centuries. It was presumably introduced during this period by the bishops Severus of Naples, Paulinus of Nola, and the worship of the church father, Hieronymus. However, the ringing as a call to prayer became known only in the 5th and 6th centuries and found more widespread use in the 8th century through wandering Irish monks. At the latest, since Pope Stephen IV in the 8th century, they became even more popular in the ecclesiastical sphere.

In the ecclesiastical context, bells had or have different functions:

  • a disgrace bell condemned to execution
  • a funeral bell for burial
  • a prayer bell to mark the beginning of church services/prayers
  • handbells that people used to mark specific places in the Christian liturgy (e.g., for ringing during the Eucharistic prayer)

Due to its spread, the bell was also given a liturgical function in the course of time, which found expression mainly in the ceremonial blessing (bell consecration) as well as through forms of anointing (bell baptism).

Also, outside the church order, the bell was useful to people for different purposes. For example, as a timer and as a storm bell that warned of approaching danger and storms.

The bell history was going pretty much in the same direction until 1730 when Berger foundry remade it. Even today, Berger Swissbells keep the same recipe as they did for generations. No wonder it’s the oldest successful business in Switzerland!

The Berger Swissbells story

Believe it or not, Bell Foundry Berger still belongs to the same family that keeps their secret recipe for all this time! In ten years, they’ll have the jubilee – 300th Anniversary! How do they manage to last so long?

There’s only one answer – the quality!

Berger keeps a sharp eye on the ingredients they use. Besides, they use the “Made in Switzerland” alloy, and they do all the creative art by hand. Plus, they make their bells in different sizes and variations. Hence, there is a rich assortment that you can explore – customer gifts, corporate gifts, souvenirs, or individually made presents. You can always find a lasting gift for your special occasion.


But there’s even more! Same as Swiss Made Direct, Bell Foundry Berger also pays close attention to the environment. For instance, they use leather for their cowbells, which makes them 100% biodegradable. For other components, they use metal – also great to recycle. It is an environmentally friendly brand at its finest.

Throughout history, people used bells as signs of peace, happiness, or protection. Today, it’s more likely that you’ll need it for your wedding, retirement, christening, house handover, corporate surrender, and many other occasions. In other words, it often is the symbol of the new phase of life. So, if you’re planning a big event soon, make it even more fabulous with an appropriate Berger Swissbell! Numerous variations suit different occasions.

Berger Swissbells at Swiss Made Direct

For the upcoming Christmas holidays, Santa’s Bell will do the trick. It’s a classic bronze bell – perfect as a Christmas or Santa Claus Day gift.

Berger Ship Bell is ideal for any party – birthday, wedding, or corporate event. It’s a fantastic gift, but you can also bring it to your own event for good luck.

The replica of the famous Canino Bell is the most suitable for christenings. The original one is in the Vatican Museum.

Finally, if you’re trying to find an authentic Swiss gift for your family member or a friend, Berger Swiss Bell with a cow fur strap is one of the best choices out there. The same applies to the gorgeous bell with a unique leather strap.


Berger Swissbells are symbols of classic Swiss quality, authenticity, and precision, which is why this company lasts for so long. The fact that their secret recipe is still actual speaks for itself about the greatness of the Bell Foundry Berger. And there’s no doubt that this family will keep impressing us in the years to come!

Explore our shop, find the Berger Swissbell that suits your event the most, and make it memorable!

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