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HitMill and the Migros Ensemble / leaders in raising Social Commitment

HitMill music production company represents various exceptional music projects which achieved growing success in the Swiss and other countries worldwide. In addition to being exceptional at creating breathtaking and progressive music, they are remarkable also for specific reasons for art creating. Georg Schlunegger, Roman Camenzind, artists who are out of bounds of trivialization of art, only support the noble goals of artistic actions. Among the many timeless music projects they have, this one, the Migros Ensemble, has its specific noble mission: raising social commitment.

HitMill and the Migros Ensemble / Singing togetherness

Swiss as the country stands out from many countries of the world in this fact: it is almost impossible to give up on the goals that involve humanity. Humanity in the Swiss implies an obligation that must be completed for the benefit of each. Following that, the Swiss Migros Ensemble is singing- be there for each other and let’s celebrate togetherness in social well-being- and this is true Swiss calling for raising social commitment worldwide.

Twenty-three Swiss artists together with HitMill-Georg Schlunegger and Roman Camenzind- are from different parts of Swiss. They come together to record exceptional introspective songs in three languages (German, French and Italian). These songs which go out to surprise a few times a year carry a message of revelation. That message is: We can be truly together in many life situations. Therefore, the Migros Ensemble wants to spread awareness of social commitment worldwide. But in this very moment, songs of the Migros Ensemble call on the Swiss population! They call for a donation for people in need who live in Swiss.

The Migros Ensemble / New Year’s songs as a reminder that you can be a better person

Roman Camenzind as a producer of these Migros Christmas song gifts, Georg Schlunegger and all participants of this excellent project, people of good heart, cultivate our world society. These people nudge promising ideas which have an impact far beyond the art world. Supporting this project and helping the brilliant artists behind it, means achieving the stability and peace among all of us. Therefore, we need these artists to continue experimenting, challenging us, and pushing the boundaries of the art world. Because that also means pushing limits of our mutual human world.

In the same way, we need to listen to these songs of the Migros Ensemble. With them, we are entering the world where we are not truly alone.

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